Wednesday, January 20, 2010

you don't have to go home but you can't stay here

2:17-cat fight in the garage
3:03-I cry
3:13-Iz and Ad barking, Cuddler goes outside and sees nothing
3:21-I cry
3:46-Iz and Ad barking, Cuddler goes outside and sees nothing
3:51-Iz and Ad barking, Cuddler goes outside and sees nothing and puts them in the back yard
The Cuddler attempts to go back to sleep but she keeps hearing this scratching noise. She thinks that we must have rats. She plans on addressing this issue with Morning Guy the minute his alarm goes off. He has slept through all of this.
4:16-scratching is accompanied by howling. The Cuddler gets up to go see what Iz and Ad are doing. She hears the howling at the front door. She assumes Ad (aka the escape artist) has gotten out of the fence and now wants back in so she opens the door. Here is what she finds...

She feeds him and he gobbles it up. When he finishes, he continues to scratch at the door and howl until he finally went to sleep around 6. He is still there! I'm calling him Mickey since the Cuddler thought he was a rat. She said I shouldn't name him or he would think he lived here. She should have thought about that before she fed him. If this is your dog, PLEASE come get him!!!

I'm wondering how all the animals know that the Cuddler will feed them? Do you think that Iz and Ad send out doggi"e"-mails when we are gone to work?


  1. Are your sure there isn't a homing beacon in your garage? Mickey sure is cute... and I've never seen him over on our side of the lake.

  2. Maybe I do have a homing beacon! I have also told everyone that JR will sleep through anything and that I open the door blindly in the middle of the night. Welcome home invasion.

  3. You can always call the crazy dog lady up the street. i hear she wakes up to the sound of the phone and is dumb enough to walk into a mess :)