Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How do you spend a Wednesday?

I don't know how you spend your Wednesday, but I like to break out my beads.

First, I ride my four wheeler while rocking my big kaboomba beads.

I go shirtless just to keep things in the spirit of Mardi Gras.

Then I head over to get my bath, careful to keep my beads on so the Cuddler doesn't steal them. I like to splash to keep her at bay.

Love, a bejeweled Plum

Saturday, March 26, 2011

When you have a moment...

When you have a moment, I have a prayer request. We all know that the Cuddler is a blog stalker. She really has a thing for adoption blogs. In her stalking, she came along this precious little boy, Kirill. You can read his story here. Kirill's adoption has been denied in Russia because the judge thinks that since he has Down Syndrome that he would be better in an institution than with a family. She says the family can have another child, just not Kirill. He is not acceptable for society. This hurts the Cuddler's heart. How could anyone think that this baby does not deserve a family, a family that is in Russia now fighting to bring him home? Please lift them up in prayer.

I have put a "button" for Kirill over on the right hand side of my blog as a reminder that he needs our prayers. His family does not know us from Adam, but we know that people with Down Syndrome are people with personality, feelings and love to give. We know because we loved our Aunt Betty Jo. She was full of herself and we will share some stories about her over the next few months because they just deserve to be told.

With a heavy heart, we pray that God will convict the hearts of the deciding officials to let this sweet baby go home with his family and open the way for other children to be adopted.

Love, the Plum

Monday, March 21, 2011

St. Paddy's Day Parade!

Nic and I really enjoyed the St. Paddy's Day parade. We both looked the part.

I got a snow cone. I eventually dropped it in the street and ate it off the street. My Non tried to freak, but hello? did she see the van that the Cuddler bought the snow cone out of? I mean seriously, Non.

My family was all there: Morning Guy, the Cuddler, Non, Me, Kelsey Ann, PawPaw, Uncle Chris and Aunt M. I think we are pretty good looking group.

Well, happy St. Paddy's Day!

Love, the Plum

Thursday, March 17, 2011

the luck of the irish

Can you believe how much I have changed since last year's St. Paddy's Day?

The Cuddler brought cupcakes for my class. They were store bought but at least I got a cupcake.

While she was at the store getting my cupcakes, the Cuddler bought milk. She went to make her oatmeal this morning and the milk was open and some was missing. She assumed that Morning Guy had cereal before he left before the crack of dawn for work but she decided to call him to make sure. No answer. She waited 15 minutes and called back. She still got no answer. So she texted him and waited 15 more minutes. At this point the morning was wasting away, so she ate her oatmeal. Turns out that he did not make cereal. The milk was open and missing some when she bought it. Her best case scenario is that someone drank some of it in the store. Her worst case is that someone put something in it.

She does not have the luck of the Irish, but she did have some choice words for Morning Guy.

I, however, do have good luck. I got a cupcake for lunch and then had a cookie on the playground. I heart sweets.

Love, a lucky Plum

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Joy of a Boy

I hear little girls are good and all, full of sugar and spice and everything nice. I wouldn't know. I have a BOY. Boys are full of mischief. They are daring and busy. They like to get vertical. A boy only has two speeds, wide ass open or asleep. At least, this is what my boy is made of.

Last weekend, it had turned very cool and started to rain. I went to take our trash out to the garage and the Plum followed. I needed to go back in to get our recycle. I thought, how much trouble can he get into while I step back in the kitchen to get the recycle? Well, 5 seconds later when I came back with the recycle, he was no longer in the garage. I found him in the backyard. in the cold. in the rain. having the time of his life.

Love, a boy mom

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Throw me something, mister!

Plum's daycare had a Mardi Gras Parade where the older class threw out beads to the younger kids. I swear we do not practice this at home, but Plum kept lifting up his shirt and showing them his belly. Maybe he thought they were saying belly instead of beads? He gets this type of behavior from Morning Guy.

How do I know this? It was a on his "Cuddle Gram" from school. Apparently he was the hit of the parade. My baby is going to be dismissed from daycare for his loose morals and floozy ways. His mama will always love him anyways.

Love, a Cuddler that can wait to see that belly

Monday, March 7, 2011

Traveler's Hell

March 6, 2011
11:36 am: flight to Charlotte over 40 minutes late due to "technical" difficulties.
2:03 pm: land in Charlotte, no time for lunch, hungry.
2:09 pm: make it to gate E36 from gate E1 to board flight to Charlottesville. Bad weather. Very bad weather. Bumpy flight. Very bumpy. Nauseated. Very Nauseated.
3:34 pm: land in Charlottesville and head to rental car counter
3:39 pm: informed that I will not receive a rental car because my license expired 2/28/11
3:50 pm: told if my luggage did not appear in the baggage claim area to go to U.S. Airways desk
3:56 pm: realize that the people in front of me have been in line for over an hour and a three year old is napping on the floor, very hungry.
5:37 pm: told my luggage will be in around 9:00 pm, migraine. About to throw up or pass out from hunger.

March 7, 2011
1:49 am: 2 imitrexs in and migraine weakened but not dead and still no luggage.
5:29 am: no luggage but headache is a little better.
7:11 am: wear the clothes that I flew and slept in to my class. No deodorant and no hairbrush.
8:40 am: purchased deodorant from the book store or px as they call it. headache returned.
4:55 pm: return to room to find luggage and flowers from Morning Guy.

Lessons learned: pack a pair of underwear, deodorant, tooth brush and hair brush in carry on.

Love, a lonely Cuddler that wants to go home

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Children's Museum

The Cuddler and Mrs. Ginny took me and Morgan to the Children's Museum.

We had a great time. I climbed through tunnels.

Mo looked out the back of the car.

and I made sure that everyone knew who I was.


The Plum

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Well, Plum, today I am 31 years old and you are 17 months old. Both milestones. My birthdays are not dramatic moments for me. I didn't stress over 30 and I won't stress over turning 31. I have enjoyed every stage of my life. I liked high school and had a great time in college. I enjoy being married and being Morning Guy's wife, but I love being your mother.

I don't mind not being a twenty something. I like being your thirty something mother. My only regret is that I may not have as much energy as I did in my twenties. You are wild and wide open all the time. You are either busy and moving or sleeping. It is the only two ways that you come.

Being your mother has challenged me on so many levels. Loving you means being a better version of me, more patient and more understanding. I hope that I am everything that you need me to be in the next year.

All my love, The Cuddler