Friday, March 11, 2011

The Joy of a Boy

I hear little girls are good and all, full of sugar and spice and everything nice. I wouldn't know. I have a BOY. Boys are full of mischief. They are daring and busy. They like to get vertical. A boy only has two speeds, wide ass open or asleep. At least, this is what my boy is made of.

Last weekend, it had turned very cool and started to rain. I went to take our trash out to the garage and the Plum followed. I needed to go back in to get our recycle. I thought, how much trouble can he get into while I step back in the kitchen to get the recycle? Well, 5 seconds later when I came back with the recycle, he was no longer in the garage. I found him in the backyard. in the cold. in the rain. having the time of his life.

Love, a boy mom


  1. Boys may be trouble, but they certainly love their mothers!!! Plum looks like he had some fun1111

  2. That cracks me up! Yes, boys are a handful, but it just makes life that much more interesting, I guess! I think my house is pretty similar to yours! He is too cute!