Thursday, March 17, 2011

the luck of the irish

Can you believe how much I have changed since last year's St. Paddy's Day?

The Cuddler brought cupcakes for my class. They were store bought but at least I got a cupcake.

While she was at the store getting my cupcakes, the Cuddler bought milk. She went to make her oatmeal this morning and the milk was open and some was missing. She assumed that Morning Guy had cereal before he left before the crack of dawn for work but she decided to call him to make sure. No answer. She waited 15 minutes and called back. She still got no answer. So she texted him and waited 15 more minutes. At this point the morning was wasting away, so she ate her oatmeal. Turns out that he did not make cereal. The milk was open and missing some when she bought it. Her best case scenario is that someone drank some of it in the store. Her worst case is that someone put something in it.

She does not have the luck of the Irish, but she did have some choice words for Morning Guy.

I, however, do have good luck. I got a cupcake for lunch and then had a cookie on the playground. I heart sweets.

Love, a lucky Plum

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