Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Cuddler is better than your cuddler...

Our oven has been out for a week now. We had a run away oven. Yes, that is the technical term. It would cut itself on high and you could not cut it off without unplugging it. The Cuddler called Sears and they told her it would be $150 to come out to look at it. They would not have the part with them and would have to come back out when the part came in. This did not please The Cuddler so she called and ordered the part and my sweet Pawpaw picked it and brought it to us. She and I fixed it today. Who says that her engineering degree is going to waste???

Our project had what every successful project needs, multiple supervisors who watch one worker.

Our fixed oven...

We are still eating Rusty's to go tonight, but it's because we want to not because we have to. The Cuddler has decided that her repair work is worth at least $150 so we are Internet shopping for us something of equal or great value.

My tubes went great today. I feel good, but still have drainage coming out of one of my ears even after 8 weeks of antibiotics. Ick. It was the right choice. Thanks so much to my Pawpaw for sitting with the Cuddler today while I was in surgery.

We are thinking about my friend, Mary Elizabeth. She is having surgery at UMC tomorrow and we are praying for her and her family.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

calf rope

We are getting up before dawn to head to the city to get my tubes. For clarification, we live right outside of town. The city is about an hour east of town. There are lots of things in the city that are just better than what we have in town, like ENTs. My grandparents live in the country. There are no ENTs in the country. Anyway, I have been on antibiotics for eight weeks and we are calling calf rope. I'm always pulling on my ear when I cry out at night and we give.

I overheard the Cuddler talking about denying me food in the morning. I'm not pleased. I'm also a little concerned because Izzy and Addy seemed very alarmed when I told them that the doctor was going to put me to sleep...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm going for my CT scan on Friday, but we won't know anything until the following week.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Better Days...

I have felt better the last two days. We think the old hypoallergenic formula is helping my tummy along with colic medicine. Here, I am showing my cousin, Jake, and Grannie my moves in my jumper.

I did my thing at my Nonnies and Pawpaws while the Morning Guy and Pawpaw fished. Morning Guy only caught one fish. How embarrassing. How do you like the hat and glasses?

Nonnie got the Cuddler's old walker out for me. Doesn't this thing look like a death trap?

This is my BFF, Trig. He is Pawpaw's dog, and I think he is fabulous.

Can't I get any privacy?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

some people just can't appreciate a really great head

Let us start with Tuesday, I started screaming and have not stopped. I screamed all night long Tuesday night. This made the Cuddler very tired for our appointment with the pediatric ophthalmologist. My appointment went great. My different size pupils are not a sign of a more serious condition.

Since I was still screaming on Friday, the Cuddler took me to see Dr. W. She thinks that it is my tummy. We had switched formula a few weeks ago to soy, but we have switched back to the hypoallergenic formula. It is designed for babies with colic and may have treated symptoms that the Cuddler did not even know I had. My ears are also still ticking me off so we are going to call the ENT on Monday. Dr. W was concerned by the shape of my head so she is sending us for a CT scan. We were a little shocked by this (and my blood curdling screaming) so we didn't ask any questions, but we will have more details when the nurse calls us on Tuesday. Some people just do not appreciate a really great head.

We are all hoping that the recent screaming is tummy/ears related and not a headache from pressure cause by a flat place in my skull. We will keep you updated, but between the screaming and all of my appointments there isn't much time to blog. =(

Here is a little picture to tide you over for a while...

P.S. The Cuddler needed a break from the screaming so I spent the night with my Nonnie and Pawpaw and am to you live from their house. My Pawpaw gets upset when I am the slightest bit unhappy so you will have to ask him what he thought of the screaming. The good news is that today is a beautiful day and we are going to enjoy some much needed outdoor time!

Monday, February 15, 2010


My first Valentine's Day was good. I got a valentine from Addie Lee and Kimber, and I got to visit a brand new baby, Riley. She was one good looking chick. See for yourself...

The Cuddler was so glad to see Mrs. Katie. They use to work together and she has missed her very much since she changed jobs. The Cuddler has already forgotten when I was small like Riley. She is amazed how quickly her memories of those difficult first few days just faded away.

She and the Morning Guy are not "Valentine's Day" people. They didn't even get each other cards??? They did go out to a fundraiser Sunday night, where they saw the lovely Miss Morgan T. I should have invited her over to my house to hang out with me for Valentine's Day. I hear she was wearing a super cute outfit with a heart on her booty and mary jane shoes. I stayed here with my Auntie Em and the Mellow Man while the Cuddler and Morning Guy went out. The Mellow Man is Auntie Em's boyfriend, Christopher. I call him that because he is one laid back cat. We had a very good time playing and talking.

As you can tell from all the ladies I have mentioned, I'm one popular little guy so my Nonnie got me this bib...

The Cuddler got me this new alligator hat and these really cool cowboy boots (that are entirely too big) for Valentine's Day. I think I look good in this hat. If my dreams of being a baby water aerobics instructor or the next Pat Sajak don't work out, I'm thinking of being a baby hat model. This giant head should not go to waste.


the Plum a.k.a. the heart breaker

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day at 414!

We went out and played in the snow first thing this morning. It is still snowing! Morning Guy is working from home today and daycare is closed so the Cuddler had to take the day off to tend to me. I think Izzy and Addy had more fun than we did. Here are some pictures of our fun. Check out the Cuddler in her monkey PJs, "big puff", and leopard boots.

The Cuddler is loving the day of snow but she is hoping that the roads are clear by tomorrow so she can spend the day in Jackson with Mrs. Ashley. She even threatened another father at daycare with physical harm for trying to steal her babysitter for Saturday. I think she meant it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Plum is going to be peeved

if we don't get enough snow to stick to make this outfit worth it.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl Pictures...

The madness that is squares going on at the kitchen table. The square bosses did a great job administering squares this year.


My future winnings!

Me, The Cuddler, and John Martin

Me, The Cuddler, and my Nonnie. Who was super sweet and took me to the doctor today. It was a treat to get to see her on a Monday! I still have some fluid on my ears. =(

John Martin wrote a detailed story about his memories as a Saints fan and traveling around the country to watch them play. He included this story about our Pappaw John. Here is an exert about Pappaw:

One particular game in 2004, the Saints were still mathematically eligible for the playoffs and headed to Jacksonville. They looked beaten after a Jaguar score, but lateral-ed their way to a kickoff return miracle for a touchdown that would seemingly tie the game with seconds left barring the extra point. It was a magnificent moment as Jerome Pathon dove into the end zone. My ailing Grandpa John had already limped out to the car to head home and I ran outside to bring him back in to watch over time. As soon as I got him back in front of the TV, in perfect Saints fashion, John Carney missed the game-tying extra point and the season was over. By grandfather looked down and shook his head and said under his breath, “damn Saints.” He walked back out of the house in silence. The only bright spot is that another classic Jim Henderson call came of it– “He Missed it. NOOO!. HOW could he DO that!?!?” There is nothing else of note to report from this era (2001-2004).

No one can call my family band wagon fans.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kiss my Lucky Charms

We had to leave the ultimate Superbowl party at halftime because I was unhappy that I didn't get a better seat. There was a ton of food and everyone else was having a great time. There will be pictures but we left in such a frenzy that we can't find the camera now.

The Saints have never been to a Superbowl, much less won a Superbowl before I was born. Me and my lucky jersey are what brought them this far. When we got home, the Cuddler tried to make me go to sleep but I would none of it and I stayed up watch the victory. Not only did the Saints win, but I won at least 7 different times on the squares at the party. I won over $110!!! I hear there was some rumbling that I was cheating but how can you cheat at squares?

Here is the great pic that Morning Guy bought the Cuddler for Christmas but it just came in this week. But hers doesn't say SOLD on it, and the artist personalized a note just to me on the back. That's when I knew we would win!!!

So, in conclusion...WHO DAT!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Wheel of Fortune...

Every night we watch Wheel of Fortune. I love this show. The Cuddler and Morning Guy are always shouting out the answers before I have a chance to solve the puzzle. It really ticks me off.

I have decided that I when I grow up I will be the next Pat Sajak. The average life expectancy is 77 years old. When I am 20, Pat will be 84. I am ready to replace him when his time comes!

Here I am working my charm...

Monday, February 1, 2010

This Weekend...

I would like to start by wishing my Mammaw a HAPPY BIRTHDAY one day early! We love her very much and hope she has a great day.

This was a good weekend. Jessica and Emma came to visit us. We all had a great time. Saturday night, we went to my Nonnie and PawPaw's for the "EggRoll Party" of 2010! Here are Jessica, Emma, the Cuddler and I enjoying the festivities from inside the house.

Mrs. Torey and Mary Elizabeth were there too, but she was a party pooper who went to sleep before I got there!

The Cuddler was not feeling like a rock star on Sunday so she slept most of the day away. She had a hangover. Not just any hangover, but a chocolate hangover. She knows she isn't suppose to eat chocolate, yet she ate two chocolate chip cookies at the party. When Morning Guy asked her why she do something like that, she responded that they were my Aunt Susan's famous chocolate chip cookies and that they were delicious and almost worth it. There you have it people, the Cuddler is proof that you can't cure stupid. Since she was out of commission, Morning Guy and I got to spend some quality time together. He even fed me my carrots which he does not like to do because he got them in my eye one time and it was a disaster. She was feeling better by Monday morning.

I have been enjoying sweet potatoes and carrots. I have also switched to soy milk from my hypoallergenic formula. So far so good! I understand that we switched as a cost saving measure. The hypoallergenic formula is almost twice as much as the soy formula. I don't dislike the soy, but I would like to know why the Cuddler and Morning Guy are always eating out at Rusty's and Anchuca yet I am the one who has to make a change? Just a thought.

I hear we are going to try pears and green veggies and oatmeal cereal too! So right now, I have tried applesauce, bananas, squash (not a fan), carrots, avocado (which I HATE!), and sweet potatoes.

We are saving up our dimes and quarters to buy squares for the SUPERBOWL! I'm feeling lucky!

Love, The Plum