Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Cuddler is better than your cuddler...

Our oven has been out for a week now. We had a run away oven. Yes, that is the technical term. It would cut itself on high and you could not cut it off without unplugging it. The Cuddler called Sears and they told her it would be $150 to come out to look at it. They would not have the part with them and would have to come back out when the part came in. This did not please The Cuddler so she called and ordered the part and my sweet Pawpaw picked it and brought it to us. She and I fixed it today. Who says that her engineering degree is going to waste???

Our project had what every successful project needs, multiple supervisors who watch one worker.

Our fixed oven...

We are still eating Rusty's to go tonight, but it's because we want to not because we have to. The Cuddler has decided that her repair work is worth at least $150 so we are Internet shopping for us something of equal or great value.

My tubes went great today. I feel good, but still have drainage coming out of one of my ears even after 8 weeks of antibiotics. Ick. It was the right choice. Thanks so much to my Pawpaw for sitting with the Cuddler today while I was in surgery.

We are thinking about my friend, Mary Elizabeth. She is having surgery at UMC tomorrow and we are praying for her and her family.

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  1. Your Cuddler is awesome.

    BTW, that was obviously a government job!

    Get well and enjoy Rusty's! It's the best!! :)