Monday, February 15, 2010


My first Valentine's Day was good. I got a valentine from Addie Lee and Kimber, and I got to visit a brand new baby, Riley. She was one good looking chick. See for yourself...

The Cuddler was so glad to see Mrs. Katie. They use to work together and she has missed her very much since she changed jobs. The Cuddler has already forgotten when I was small like Riley. She is amazed how quickly her memories of those difficult first few days just faded away.

She and the Morning Guy are not "Valentine's Day" people. They didn't even get each other cards??? They did go out to a fundraiser Sunday night, where they saw the lovely Miss Morgan T. I should have invited her over to my house to hang out with me for Valentine's Day. I hear she was wearing a super cute outfit with a heart on her booty and mary jane shoes. I stayed here with my Auntie Em and the Mellow Man while the Cuddler and Morning Guy went out. The Mellow Man is Auntie Em's boyfriend, Christopher. I call him that because he is one laid back cat. We had a very good time playing and talking.

As you can tell from all the ladies I have mentioned, I'm one popular little guy so my Nonnie got me this bib...

The Cuddler got me this new alligator hat and these really cool cowboy boots (that are entirely too big) for Valentine's Day. I think I look good in this hat. If my dreams of being a baby water aerobics instructor or the next Pat Sajak don't work out, I'm thinking of being a baby hat model. This giant head should not go to waste.


the Plum a.k.a. the heart breaker


  1. Hey Heartbreaker, I love your hat and your monkey onesie! The Cuddler and your Nonnie both have great fashion sense!

  2. Dear Plum,
    I think I'm in the competition with you for the "Greatest Head" award. Mom says everyone comments on how big my 'noggin' is everywhere we go! Let me know if you need an assistant-baby-hat-model!
    Your pal,
    Grady Hammer