Saturday, November 28, 2009

Baby Bulldog!

Today was a great day. My great grandmother, Mammaw Ina, visited us for the football game...

and I smiled and laughed for her. She was so much fun. Then the Bullodogs won their game!!! The Cuddler and Morning Guy seemed surprised.

How good does my booty look? Thanks Mrs. Kathrine and Corban!!

Friday, November 27, 2009


I am thankful that this bunch has kept me alive in spite of themselves.

In the beginning,the Cuddler was trying some sort of "do it yourself" feeding program. Luckily, my pediatrician, Dr. W, told her that I was starving. I only gained one ounce in the two days after we left the hospital. Dr. W said she was going to label me failure to thrive because I could not gain back to my birth weight. So, she explained how the Cudller could get my nourishment at the Walmart. It was at this time that Morning Guy first started making his morning appearances with the bottle. To prove Dr. W right, I gained 7 ounces in one day on the good stuff from Walmart. I suspect that the "do it yourself" program was the cost saving brain child of Morning Guy. I hear that he won't even buy the Cuddler real cokes, only Big K.

Even though I am thankful that they are actually feeding me, it has not been without its set backs. First, the Cuddler used the wrong scoop on a couple of my bottles so they were only half strength! Most recently, someone (who asked to remain nameless) kept telling the Cuddler how I needed to eat every 3 hours instead of every 4 hours. As it turns out, the person thought she was making me my regular 6 ounce bottles but she was only making 4 ounces! She needs to wear her glasses!

Most recently, Morning Guy tried to over dose me. The Cuddler told him to dissolve half of a prevacid for me. Well, Morning Guy heard prevacid but not the half part. He gave me twice my dose! This seemed to particularly irritate the Cuddler even after they determined that I was going to live. She was going on about how I had been taking prevacid for seven weeks and Morning Guy still didn't know how much I took and that it was printed right there on the package. She seems to have gotten over it. However, I understand that this may be a trend for Morning Guy. The cat in the garage, GmGm, tells me that one time, she was on antibiotics, and the Cuddler asked Morning Guy to give her the medicine. Well, when the Cuddler went to give GmGm the next dose the following day, there were still two pills in the bottle. The Cuddler questioned Morning Guy about this but he swore that he gave GmGm a pill. So, she asked where he got this pill. Apparently, Morning Guy gave GmGm some of the Cuddler's migraine medicine (which was also clearly labeled). I will no longer accept medicine from Morning Guy for my own safety.

I am beginning to think that the Cuddler is haboring aggression towards me. On Wednesday she took me to see Dr. W and allowed her nurse to stab in the legs three times with sharp sticks?!? What is the meaning of this? The Cuddler called it my vaccinations. I understand from Izzy and Addy that they too have been subject to these vaccinations. Please tell how I can avoid these in the future. I will share more details of this visit in my next post.

Here is a pic of me that the sadist took in a hat that my Nonnie bought me that is clearly too small. It even left a ring around my head.

This morning, the Cuddler sent Morning Guy out to buy a tree. I have to find out why she would do such a stupid thing when we have trees in our yard.

Love, the Plum

Monday, November 23, 2009

It's a girl!

Morning Guy has spoken of a "little girl" but I have not met her. Today I found out that the Nelsons are going to get a little girl. The Cuddler and Morning Guy said this was great because we would be friends. I could use some friends so I did my happy dance.

However, my joy turned to anger when I heard that Riley said I should stay away from his little girl because I was trouble!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Plum's view on feeding

I am worried. I'm being intermittently denied food. I should start at the beginning. Let me explain the control freaks...the main perpetrator is "The Cuddler." She kisses and snuggles me constantly. "Morning Guy" typically carries out the Cuddler's orders first thing in the morning, hence the name.

They both start off giving me what I want, the bottle, but a couple of ounces in, they both snatch it out of my mouth and start beating me on the back. I am unsure of what I have done to anger them, but I try to communicate my disdain by whining and crying out. The Cuddler just smiles stupidly and tell me how cute I am. Morning Guy claims that I am crying like a little girl. I don't know what a little girl is, but she must be fierce. The only thing that intimidates them is when I belch in their face.

As if this is not bad enough, I understand that the Cuddler frequently withholds food from others that live here. I have befriended a feline name Sassy who lives on our front porch. She claims that since something called "the baby" came along she is lucky if the Cuddler remembers to feed her. As you can see her bowl is empty. She is also missing her tail. I must find out if this is a result of the Cuddler's anger.

Addy, a canine in the kitchen, tells me that the Cuddler is responsible for acquiring our nourishment at a place called The Walmart so I should not anger her further by resisting her kissing and snuggles.

Izzy's lips were sealed. I suspect that she was intimidated by Morning Guy or that she receives black market nourishment from the Cuddler.

Wish me luck. I will report more on the sadists later.

Love, The Plum

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Meet Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum, a.k.a John Hinton, is making his blogging debut although he already has a following on facebook thanks to his dad who could get a second job with the paparazzi. The Plum is now seven weeks old and has decided to share his thoughts with his public. I am the Mom and typist for The Plum.

The Plum is sad about me going back to work on Monday but is looking forward to his time with his Nonnie (a.k.a. Beckey Hinton). He is dismayed that his newest formula, alimentum, makes all of his clothes smell like ickiness even after they have been washed. We will continue to work on this latest development for The Plum. If anyone has any suggestions, we would love to hear them.

Our sweet friends, Riley, Jennifer, and Rae, kept The Plum Thursday night and did a wonderful job. The Plum put them through their paces because Riley and Jennifer expecting Baby Nelson in April and he wanted them to be experienced. We are all waiting for Monday to find out if Baby Nelson is a boy or a girl!!! The Plum and Baby Nelson will be in the same class at MSU in 2027.

The Plum visited with Anna and Dan last night and a great time. He and Dan caught some sleep on the couch. It was super cute. For someone who refused to hold babies a few years ago, Anna looked like a natural.

The Plum appreciates you checking out his blog and he will keep you updated on his thoughts and promises to post lots of pictures!