Friday, November 27, 2009


I am thankful that this bunch has kept me alive in spite of themselves.

In the beginning,the Cuddler was trying some sort of "do it yourself" feeding program. Luckily, my pediatrician, Dr. W, told her that I was starving. I only gained one ounce in the two days after we left the hospital. Dr. W said she was going to label me failure to thrive because I could not gain back to my birth weight. So, she explained how the Cudller could get my nourishment at the Walmart. It was at this time that Morning Guy first started making his morning appearances with the bottle. To prove Dr. W right, I gained 7 ounces in one day on the good stuff from Walmart. I suspect that the "do it yourself" program was the cost saving brain child of Morning Guy. I hear that he won't even buy the Cuddler real cokes, only Big K.

Even though I am thankful that they are actually feeding me, it has not been without its set backs. First, the Cuddler used the wrong scoop on a couple of my bottles so they were only half strength! Most recently, someone (who asked to remain nameless) kept telling the Cuddler how I needed to eat every 3 hours instead of every 4 hours. As it turns out, the person thought she was making me my regular 6 ounce bottles but she was only making 4 ounces! She needs to wear her glasses!

Most recently, Morning Guy tried to over dose me. The Cuddler told him to dissolve half of a prevacid for me. Well, Morning Guy heard prevacid but not the half part. He gave me twice my dose! This seemed to particularly irritate the Cuddler even after they determined that I was going to live. She was going on about how I had been taking prevacid for seven weeks and Morning Guy still didn't know how much I took and that it was printed right there on the package. She seems to have gotten over it. However, I understand that this may be a trend for Morning Guy. The cat in the garage, GmGm, tells me that one time, she was on antibiotics, and the Cuddler asked Morning Guy to give her the medicine. Well, when the Cuddler went to give GmGm the next dose the following day, there were still two pills in the bottle. The Cuddler questioned Morning Guy about this but he swore that he gave GmGm a pill. So, she asked where he got this pill. Apparently, Morning Guy gave GmGm some of the Cuddler's migraine medicine (which was also clearly labeled). I will no longer accept medicine from Morning Guy for my own safety.

I am beginning to think that the Cuddler is haboring aggression towards me. On Wednesday she took me to see Dr. W and allowed her nurse to stab in the legs three times with sharp sticks?!? What is the meaning of this? The Cuddler called it my vaccinations. I understand from Izzy and Addy that they too have been subject to these vaccinations. Please tell how I can avoid these in the future. I will share more details of this visit in my next post.

Here is a pic of me that the sadist took in a hat that my Nonnie bought me that is clearly too small. It even left a ring around my head.

This morning, the Cuddler sent Morning Guy out to buy a tree. I have to find out why she would do such a stupid thing when we have trees in our yard.

Love, the Plum


  1. poor plum he is in for alot of confusing moments from morning guy and cuddler. p.s: hang in there the plum, they are just beginners.

  2. wow. this stuff sure is funny. i would like to be a plum follower.

  3. I'll echo Leish's comment -- hang in there plum. Take it one day at a time! I'm sure thats what those 'adults' are doing too.