Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the man on the video told me to!

I have previously detailed the shortcomings of both the Cuddler and Morning Guy. It is hard to say who was the least capable until last weekend. After last weekend, I can officially say that the Cuddler is adapting to parenthood better than Morning Guy. Maybe it is the stress of tax season?

On with my story, I have told you before how excited the Cuddler was to go Katie's baby shower. I was going to go with her but then I got RSV so I stayed home with Morning Guy. The Cuddler had a wonderful time at the shower and stopped to pick us up dinner. She called to check on us on the way home only to find out that Morning Guy had put me in my bed. It was too early for me to go to bed but too late for a nap.

The Cuddler's tone was stern when she asked Morning Guy why I was in my bed at 6:00 PM. Morning Guy explained-rather of matter of factly-that I had been crying for about 30 minutes and that he could do nothing to satisfy me. He told her that there was nothing wrong with me and he had a headache and could no longer take my constant crying so he put me in my bed and walked away. The Cuddler quickly reminded him that there was something VERY WRONG with me, I had RSV! Morning Guy always quick to play defense said, "well, that is what the guy on the video said to do."

Morning Guy was referring to the guy on the parenting video on shaken babies in their birthing class. The Cuddler was unimpressed and is further evaluating her outings in light of Morning Guy's inability to "take it."

All the Cuddler could think after many hours of being home alone with me while I was sick with RSV and ear infections was "SERIOUSLY!?!? it was one afternoon."

I'm still suffering with my ears but rumor has it that I will see an ENT in a few weeks for help.

Love, the Plum

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lots of Prayers...

This was a very big weekend for us.

This was MY weekend. I was baptized Sunday morning at Hawkins UMC. The baptism was a beautiful and special moment in our lives. My whole family was there with the exception of John Martin and Lindsey who were at the game supporting the other Saints but praying all the same. The Nelsons, Leigh, and Anna were there too. Everyone enjoyed the service and sermon. My mammaw said she would even come back to visit.

My Nonnie made me this bonnet. One day I will get my revenge on her and the Cuddler. I do not think that Morning Guy had any role this humiliation.

The Cuddler was just beside herself that was I going to "reflux" on myself or the preacher. I decided to cut her some slack on that front but I did pass some impressive gas when we were all in front of the congregation pledging ourselves to God. I have to keep it interesting. My Nonnie wrote me a beautiful note to commemorate this special day that I would to share with my public...

"Dear John,

Today is a very important day-the day that you will be dedicated to God. Today you will be baptized into the kingdom of God. As a child of God, may you know him and his love for you. John, which means 'God is Gracious' is indeed fitting for God has blessed our lives through you. You great grandfather for whom you are named would so honored. May you know his love as well as the love of you heavenly father through us."

After church there was lunch in my honor. A good time was had by all. We hung out and cheered the Colts to victory. Then it was time for the Saints!!! Here we are watching the game and cheering. I firmly believe that it was my lucky jersey that led the Saints to victory. We are super excited about the Super Bowl.

Piggy Poo seemed kind of tense during the game...

In other exciting news, Jessica and Emma of "simplyadurrable" will be arriving on Friday and the Cuddler can hardly contain her enthusiasm. I mean her chipper attitude annoys me on a regular day but she is down right giddy now. She and Jessica have been best friends since they met in the 10th grade at their lockers. Can you believe Jessica lived with the Cuddler for 5 straight years at MSU? I don't know how she did it. Anyway, the Cuddler and Jessica will stay up late at night and talk until they lose their voices.

I had my pictures taken this weekend by Mary Moments and here is a sneak peak that she posted. The Cuddler kept trying to make me laugh but I refused. When will she learn that I am not a puppet that dances on command?

Much love, the Plum

Thursday, January 21, 2010

4-ish month check up

I went to see Dr. W for my 4-ish month wellness-ish visit. I actually don't turn 4 months until Feb. 1, but we combined it with my follow up for my RSV and ear infections. The ear infections have been right, left, and right. I still have fluid on my right ear so I could not get my 4 month shots today. I will go back in two more weeks for a recheck on my ears and for my shots.

Dr. W suggested that see a pediatric optometrist because one of pupils is larger than the other. I blame this on morning guy, because he claims he has "big" pupils. At least that is what some doctor told him. He uses this as an excuse to change the lighting when he and the Cuddler watch a movie. This annoys her.

I weighed 14 pounds and 12 ounces and was 25.5 inches long!

Update on Mickey-he hasn't been back yet.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

you don't have to go home but you can't stay here

2:17-cat fight in the garage
3:03-I cry
3:13-Iz and Ad barking, Cuddler goes outside and sees nothing
3:21-I cry
3:46-Iz and Ad barking, Cuddler goes outside and sees nothing
3:51-Iz and Ad barking, Cuddler goes outside and sees nothing and puts them in the back yard
The Cuddler attempts to go back to sleep but she keeps hearing this scratching noise. She thinks that we must have rats. She plans on addressing this issue with Morning Guy the minute his alarm goes off. He has slept through all of this.
4:16-scratching is accompanied by howling. The Cuddler gets up to go see what Iz and Ad are doing. She hears the howling at the front door. She assumes Ad (aka the escape artist) has gotten out of the fence and now wants back in so she opens the door. Here is what she finds...

She feeds him and he gobbles it up. When he finishes, he continues to scratch at the door and howl until he finally went to sleep around 6. He is still there! I'm calling him Mickey since the Cuddler thought he was a rat. She said I shouldn't name him or he would think he lived here. She should have thought about that before she fed him. If this is your dog, PLEASE come get him!!!

I'm wondering how all the animals know that the Cuddler will feed them? Do you think that Iz and Ad send out doggi"e"-mails when we are gone to work?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Who dat sey dey got RSV?

I got my love of the Saints and this great jersey from the Cuddler's cousin, John Martin. Also named after my Pappaw. This is us at Christmas.

and here I am in my great Brees' jersey...

The Cuddler was going to make me to go a baby shower for her friend on Saturday during the Saints game so I got RSV so I could stay home with Morning Guy and watch the game. Who I am thinking of renaming because I never see him in the morning now that tax season has started. I thought there were only four seasons but apparently there are five. I wish we could go to the game with John Martin but this "baby" (who I still have not seen?!?) is eating up all our money and tax season is taking up all our time.

So, who dat sey dey gonna beat dem Saints?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

look how far we've come, baby...

We have seen the "decade in review" on other blogs and I decided to share some details of the Cuddler and Morning Guy's decade.

2000-Morning Guy joins the Cuddler at Mississippi State (the BEST place on earth)

2001-they get engaged (for those of you who are wondering, they have been dating since 1996)

2002-Morning Guy graduates with his undergrad in accounting.

2003-Morning Guy gets his masters in taxation. The Cuddler graduates in chemical engineering. They get married and move to Vicksburg. The Cuddler starts at IP. Morning Guy goes to work and quits at the State Tax Commission before starting at May and Co. It was a very big year!

2004-Pappaw passed away

2005-Cuddler leaves IP to go to law school. Morning Guy passes the CPA exam!

2006-This must have been a boring year? Oh, the Cuddler did adopt Lola this year.

2007-Izzy and Addy come to live with them.

2008-The Morning Guy is attacked by two mating bats. That's right, they fell right out of the sky and attached to his face requiring five sets of shots at the ER over six months. The Cuddler graduated from law school.

2009-They find out that I am on my way and I arrive! By the way, Morning Guy made partner the same day that I was born but I over shadowed him and no one cared.

2010-The Cuddler and I are both sick. I have an ear infection and she has her seventh sinus infection in a year. I just want to put this out there...I am sick and she is sick yet somehow, the Morning Guy never seems to be sick. I hear that when the Cuddler was a freshman at State, the Morning Guy gave her strep throat THREE times in four months because he didn't finish his antibiotics when he had it. Therefore, he became a carrier monkey. I'm just saying that it seems suspicious.

Also, it is freezing cold here. Burr. Here I am bundled for daycare.

Monday, January 4, 2010

healthy, wealthy, and wise

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
-Benjamin Franklin

I like to go to bed by 8:00 at night. I would prefer 7:00, but the Cuddler won't tolerate that. I think that 4:45 is a perfectly acceptable wake time. The Cuddler has a different opinion. I mean she prayed that I would sleep through the night, so I did. I'm giving her eight and half hours. If she isn't using it wisely, that is not my problem.

She is open to any suggestion to "fix" me other than keeping me up later. She has tried this and it did not work.

What do I do at 4:45, you ask? Well, I start out by singing. I know this will wake the Cuddler but not Morning Guy. I try to stick with Morning Guy when possible. I sing for five or ten minutes then I move on to crying. I mean I KNOW SHE IS AWAKE! Their room is so close to mine that you don't need a monitor. At this point, she will usually get up and come give me my paci. Sometimes this will satisfy me and I will sleep for one to two more hours; other times, I just keep crying until she comes back. We play this game a few times then she gives in and we start the day.

If your suggestion is that she let me cry, then you should know that she tried this to enforce a nap time. After one hour and thirty minutes of me crying, we were both crying so she is a little skeptical.

If you feel sorry for her, then share your ideas with her. If not, then rise and shine!

I am including this picture for your viewing pleasure. It is from my Uncle Chris' deer camp this weekend. He has a very cool camp, and I can't wait to go back. He said he would take me to the stand with him Saturday morning if the Cuddler would put me in a "snuggie," but of course, being the thief of joy that she is she wouldn't let me know go.

I like to keep a serious look so they know that I mean business. A wise man once said, "I never smile if I can help it. Showing one's teeth is a submission signal in primates. Whenever someone smiles at me, all I see is a chimpanzee - begging for its life." -Dwight Schrute

Please notice that the Cuddler is always smiling...

Love, the Plum

Saturday, January 2, 2010

a new year, the plum and a plan...

I have had a great week with my Nonnie while the Cuddler was at work. Here I am with Nonnie and the Cuddler at Christmas...

I have the best time with my Nonnie so I have been contemplating an exchange program for myself. You see, I have previously mentioned my Nonnie’s dog, Shamrock.

She calls him Dahlin. That is the really southern version of darling. Anyway, she also calls me Dahlin. My Pawpaw says she that she shouldn't call me Dahlin because that is what she calls Shamrock and she has made him stupid. Shamrock is undeniably beautiful but he is not the brightest bulb. The Cuddler swears that he had potential until Nonnie kept calling him Dahlin and telling him how beautiful he was and never expected anything out of him. Now when you talk to him, he just drops to the ground and rolls around. I can’t tell that he knows any tricks and he even has a pedigree!

So, this past week I spent the night with my Nonnie and Pawpaw. It’s really great at their house. Nonnie thinks everything that I do is great and my Pawpaw gets up at 4:00 in the morning so he doesn’t whine and complain when I want to get up at 4:45.

I really think that I am much better suited to live there. I figure that we can just swap me and Shamrock out since we both have Dahlin qualities and no one will really notice. What do you think?

The only problem will be getting Shamrock to agree to come here!

With love, the Plum

P.S. Happy New Year!!!