Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lots of Prayers...

This was a very big weekend for us.

This was MY weekend. I was baptized Sunday morning at Hawkins UMC. The baptism was a beautiful and special moment in our lives. My whole family was there with the exception of John Martin and Lindsey who were at the game supporting the other Saints but praying all the same. The Nelsons, Leigh, and Anna were there too. Everyone enjoyed the service and sermon. My mammaw said she would even come back to visit.

My Nonnie made me this bonnet. One day I will get my revenge on her and the Cuddler. I do not think that Morning Guy had any role this humiliation.

The Cuddler was just beside herself that was I going to "reflux" on myself or the preacher. I decided to cut her some slack on that front but I did pass some impressive gas when we were all in front of the congregation pledging ourselves to God. I have to keep it interesting. My Nonnie wrote me a beautiful note to commemorate this special day that I would to share with my public...

"Dear John,

Today is a very important day-the day that you will be dedicated to God. Today you will be baptized into the kingdom of God. As a child of God, may you know him and his love for you. John, which means 'God is Gracious' is indeed fitting for God has blessed our lives through you. You great grandfather for whom you are named would so honored. May you know his love as well as the love of you heavenly father through us."

After church there was lunch in my honor. A good time was had by all. We hung out and cheered the Colts to victory. Then it was time for the Saints!!! Here we are watching the game and cheering. I firmly believe that it was my lucky jersey that led the Saints to victory. We are super excited about the Super Bowl.

Piggy Poo seemed kind of tense during the game...

In other exciting news, Jessica and Emma of "simplyadurrable" will be arriving on Friday and the Cuddler can hardly contain her enthusiasm. I mean her chipper attitude annoys me on a regular day but she is down right giddy now. She and Jessica have been best friends since they met in the 10th grade at their lockers. Can you believe Jessica lived with the Cuddler for 5 straight years at MSU? I don't know how she did it. Anyway, the Cuddler and Jessica will stay up late at night and talk until they lose their voices.

I had my pictures taken this weekend by Mary Moments and here is a sneak peak that she posted. The Cuddler kept trying to make me laugh but I refused. When will she learn that I am not a puppet that dances on command?

Much love, the Plum


  1. That is the sweetest picture of him! He looks so angelic. Me and Emma are super excited to come visit and you're right, we will no doubt lose our voices from all the talking. We can't help ourselves! Looking forward to our visit!

  2. awwww love the picture AND the bonnet. Plum, did she make you wear a 'gown' too? My advice: get used to The Cuddler embarassing you, it isn't going to stop for a looong time.

  3. So glad that I ran into you tonight so I could add you to my blog reader list! John is TOOO adorable.