Saturday, January 2, 2010

a new year, the plum and a plan...

I have had a great week with my Nonnie while the Cuddler was at work. Here I am with Nonnie and the Cuddler at Christmas...

I have the best time with my Nonnie so I have been contemplating an exchange program for myself. You see, I have previously mentioned my Nonnie’s dog, Shamrock.

She calls him Dahlin. That is the really southern version of darling. Anyway, she also calls me Dahlin. My Pawpaw says she that she shouldn't call me Dahlin because that is what she calls Shamrock and she has made him stupid. Shamrock is undeniably beautiful but he is not the brightest bulb. The Cuddler swears that he had potential until Nonnie kept calling him Dahlin and telling him how beautiful he was and never expected anything out of him. Now when you talk to him, he just drops to the ground and rolls around. I can’t tell that he knows any tricks and he even has a pedigree!

So, this past week I spent the night with my Nonnie and Pawpaw. It’s really great at their house. Nonnie thinks everything that I do is great and my Pawpaw gets up at 4:00 in the morning so he doesn’t whine and complain when I want to get up at 4:45.

I really think that I am much better suited to live there. I figure that we can just swap me and Shamrock out since we both have Dahlin qualities and no one will really notice. What do you think?

The only problem will be getting Shamrock to agree to come here!

With love, the Plum

P.S. Happy New Year!!!

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