Friday, January 15, 2010

Who dat sey dey got RSV?

I got my love of the Saints and this great jersey from the Cuddler's cousin, John Martin. Also named after my Pappaw. This is us at Christmas.

and here I am in my great Brees' jersey...

The Cuddler was going to make me to go a baby shower for her friend on Saturday during the Saints game so I got RSV so I could stay home with Morning Guy and watch the game. Who I am thinking of renaming because I never see him in the morning now that tax season has started. I thought there were only four seasons but apparently there are five. I wish we could go to the game with John Martin but this "baby" (who I still have not seen?!?) is eating up all our money and tax season is taking up all our time.

So, who dat sey dey gonna beat dem Saints?

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  1. OH NO!!! Alissa, does he really have RSV? I hope he is okay! We were worried taht Grady had that back at Thanksgiving, but it ended up being a really bad case of bronchitis instead. Goodness, that is awful! I hope he is feeling better. Did they put him on a breathing treatment? We had to get a nebulizer for Grady when he was so sick that time.