Thursday, January 21, 2010

4-ish month check up

I went to see Dr. W for my 4-ish month wellness-ish visit. I actually don't turn 4 months until Feb. 1, but we combined it with my follow up for my RSV and ear infections. The ear infections have been right, left, and right. I still have fluid on my right ear so I could not get my 4 month shots today. I will go back in two more weeks for a recheck on my ears and for my shots.

Dr. W suggested that see a pediatric optometrist because one of pupils is larger than the other. I blame this on morning guy, because he claims he has "big" pupils. At least that is what some doctor told him. He uses this as an excuse to change the lighting when he and the Cuddler watch a movie. This annoys her.

I weighed 14 pounds and 12 ounces and was 25.5 inches long!

Update on Mickey-he hasn't been back yet.

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