Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the man on the video told me to!

I have previously detailed the shortcomings of both the Cuddler and Morning Guy. It is hard to say who was the least capable until last weekend. After last weekend, I can officially say that the Cuddler is adapting to parenthood better than Morning Guy. Maybe it is the stress of tax season?

On with my story, I have told you before how excited the Cuddler was to go Katie's baby shower. I was going to go with her but then I got RSV so I stayed home with Morning Guy. The Cuddler had a wonderful time at the shower and stopped to pick us up dinner. She called to check on us on the way home only to find out that Morning Guy had put me in my bed. It was too early for me to go to bed but too late for a nap.

The Cuddler's tone was stern when she asked Morning Guy why I was in my bed at 6:00 PM. Morning Guy explained-rather of matter of factly-that I had been crying for about 30 minutes and that he could do nothing to satisfy me. He told her that there was nothing wrong with me and he had a headache and could no longer take my constant crying so he put me in my bed and walked away. The Cuddler quickly reminded him that there was something VERY WRONG with me, I had RSV! Morning Guy always quick to play defense said, "well, that is what the guy on the video said to do."

Morning Guy was referring to the guy on the parenting video on shaken babies in their birthing class. The Cuddler was unimpressed and is further evaluating her outings in light of Morning Guy's inability to "take it."

All the Cuddler could think after many hours of being home alone with me while I was sick with RSV and ear infections was "SERIOUSLY!?!? it was one afternoon."

I'm still suffering with my ears but rumor has it that I will see an ENT in a few weeks for help.

Love, the Plum

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