Saturday, January 9, 2010

look how far we've come, baby...

We have seen the "decade in review" on other blogs and I decided to share some details of the Cuddler and Morning Guy's decade.

2000-Morning Guy joins the Cuddler at Mississippi State (the BEST place on earth)

2001-they get engaged (for those of you who are wondering, they have been dating since 1996)

2002-Morning Guy graduates with his undergrad in accounting.

2003-Morning Guy gets his masters in taxation. The Cuddler graduates in chemical engineering. They get married and move to Vicksburg. The Cuddler starts at IP. Morning Guy goes to work and quits at the State Tax Commission before starting at May and Co. It was a very big year!

2004-Pappaw passed away

2005-Cuddler leaves IP to go to law school. Morning Guy passes the CPA exam!

2006-This must have been a boring year? Oh, the Cuddler did adopt Lola this year.

2007-Izzy and Addy come to live with them.

2008-The Morning Guy is attacked by two mating bats. That's right, they fell right out of the sky and attached to his face requiring five sets of shots at the ER over six months. The Cuddler graduated from law school.

2009-They find out that I am on my way and I arrive! By the way, Morning Guy made partner the same day that I was born but I over shadowed him and no one cared.

2010-The Cuddler and I are both sick. I have an ear infection and she has her seventh sinus infection in a year. I just want to put this out there...I am sick and she is sick yet somehow, the Morning Guy never seems to be sick. I hear that when the Cuddler was a freshman at State, the Morning Guy gave her strep throat THREE times in four months because he didn't finish his antibiotics when he had it. Therefore, he became a carrier monkey. I'm just saying that it seems suspicious.

Also, it is freezing cold here. Burr. Here I am bundled for daycare.


  1. Carrier monkey!? LOVE IT! Only J.R. would get attacked by mating bats... You guys are the best neighbors ever.

  2. It seemed to be a great decade but you definetely highlighed the entire decade! You should be questionable about Morning Guy never being sick!