Saturday, July 31, 2010

knock knock

who's there? Dylan and Austin, our very nice neighbor children.

I need to set the stage for all of you. It was close to 9:00 at night when the Cuddler was in the kitchen washing dishes and she heard the soft knocking. When she answered the door, there were our two sweet neighbors in the dark with flashlights. They wanted to know if it would be OK if they looked in our yard for their cat.

The Cuddler was struck with fear. She went to the cat carrier on our porch and asked Dylan what his cat looked like. She showed him the scared kitten in the carrier. In unison, Austin and Dylan start shouting Ruby!!! Ruby!!!

See, what had happened was, is that the Cuddler thought Ruby was a stray kitten so she was going to get Ruby spayed. When she got home that day, she had lured an unsuspecting Ruby into the carrier. Lucky for Ruby, her rightful owners came for her before the Cuddler shipped her to Jackson, had her organs removed and her ear tipped.

Needless to say, the Cuddler is not popular with our neighbors. She has tried to explain the situation, but she is still the weird lady who steals children's' pets

However, it looks like Ruby has forgiven her. Here she is in our tree.

Love, the Plum

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hinton Ave.

I'm still hangin with my Non and Pawpaw while the others are in Charlottesville, VA. It must be a great town because they have a street named after me.

Besides going to have their picture taken with my sign, they have been to wineries and enjoyed some declicious food and the beautiful UVA campus.

They have also been to toy stores looking for the perfect happies to bring me. Here is the Cuddler being silly with a squirel puppet.

The only thing in the store scarier than the Cuddler is this puppet of baby birds in a nest. Who woudl want this?

Love a Plum who is hoping for something better than this puppet

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

a fedora

Not everyone looks good in a fedora...

Thank goodness I really good.

I'm sending the Cuddler my love from a distance.

Love, a good lookin Plum

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

Well, at least I thought was. We packed our bags, drove to the airport, parked the car, checked our bags, and then, we left the Cuddler standing in the security line!?!?!

She has gone away for a while. We skyped her earlier, but it is just ticked me right on off when I saw her but realized that she could not pick me up or get me cheerios or make me some juice. What good did that do me?

So at the airport, there were a lot of air force service men, and they had LOTS of guns that they were checking at baggage claim. I could not tell that the Cuddler had any thing interesting to check. Lots of people were there to take their pictures. They were on the plane with the Cuddler. The Cuddler told me that fire trucks, firemen, airline employees, and loved ones lined up on the runway to say good luck and thank you to all those men as their plane was taking off. They were waiving, holding flags, and blowing kisses. We hope and pray that they all come back from the beach with no water-that's where one of them told her they were going-safely.

Here is a pic of me with her at the airport.

She asked me to relay a few travel tips to my readers in case any of you ever cross her path...

1. The moving side walk is not a carnival ride. It is expedite your journey from one concourse to another. Keep walking or get the hell off.

2. There are only three sandwich choices at the kiosk in Charlotte, NC. Pick one and get out of her way.

3. Don't dress like a hooker for air travel. At point no poinnt will four inch heels make this experience any more rewarding. These are bad life choices.

4. When exiting the air craft and getting your luggage from the over head bin, be polite, damit!

Love a lonely little Plum

Monday, July 12, 2010

lakin it up...

The Cuddler packed our bags and we headed to lake with the Nelsons. Here are some pics of the fun.

I went skinny dippin in the lake.

Spent some time with Morning Guy in my mini-pool.

This is the view from the dock.

The Cuddler loves the views of the cypress trees at the lake house. This is the third year that they all have stayed here, and this is the Cuddler's favorite part. Isn't this a beautiful view?

Here I am with Mrs. Jennifer and Julia.

When we go back next year, she and I will be running all over this place! How crazy is that?

Love, the Plum

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So many ladies, so little time.

We had a great 4th of July holiday. I got to swim at Non's and Pawpaw's with Scarlett and Mary Elizabeth. If you wonder why I am riding in a pink float, ask the Cuddler. Apparently, she can't read packaging.

I think we can all agree that I look really good in this hat. Can't we?

You may notice a new graphic on the right hand side of my blog. It is baby Bennett. His mom and the Cuddler went to college together. Bennett faces many obstacles and could really use your prayers, as could his family. Just a reminder what a mircle every little life is.

With love, Ladies Man Plum