Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We didn't go trick or treating. We did pass out candy on Saturday night while we cheered the Bulldogs to a victory. Tonight, the Cuddler and I went to visit my Aunt Susan and Uncle Jim and the rest of my family so we could watch the Saints. The Cuddler was busy talkin and what not, so I ate Christopher's pumpkin dip on ginger snaps (which was super cute in a real pumpkin), two oreos and some of Aunt Susan delicious bat sugar cookies. Yum!

The Cuddler, being the kill joy that she is, made me leave right after kick off. Oh well, here I am in yet another pair of Halloween jammies.

Thanks for the jammies, Non.

Love, a sugary little Plum

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Boo Js

Happy Trick or Treat Day! My Boo Js are dedicated to my Pawpaw. He hates to see me dressed in any kind of dark clothes. He says it makes me look goth. I don't even know where he heard that term.

I was suppose to go to Trunk or Treat with my buddy Nic, but I had a fever and wasn't feeling it. The Cuddler had already dressed me up though. I was not cooperative. I would not let her paint my face and I refused to wear my hat.

Love, a spooky little Plum

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

She's no Martha Stewart.

So. The Cuddler attempted to do something nice for me. This is how they turned out. I mean what are they? Angry pumpkins? Sad pumpkins? Does one say bog?

They were uglier than homemade sin, but I ate them anyway.

However, to show her my disdain for her lack of cupcake decorating expertise, I threw up orange icing all over our carpet tonight. Luckily, we have the "little green proheat" on loan from John George and the Cuddler was able to clean the carpet.

Further solidifying her weak attempt at being a good mother, the Cuddler had this delivered yesterday.

If you all will remember, approximately 10 months ago, the Cuddler purchased a needlepoint stocking kit for me. Since that time, she has needlepointed for a grand total of 30 minutes. Accordingly, she has admitted defeat and bought a stocking so that I will have one this year. So instead of having a handcrafted stocking made with love, I have a mass produced stocking from Pottery Barn Kids.

Love, a manufactured and generic little Plum

Monday, October 25, 2010

fabulously indifferent

at my Non's and Pawpaw's this weekend.

Thanks to Katie with Mary Moments for the great picture. We can't wait to see the rest.

Love, a fabulously indifferent little Plum

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm Evil.

Evil Kenevil.

I perch.

I scale.

I climb.

The Cuddler better put plenty of money in her flexible spending accout. I'm going to need it.

Love, a risky little Plum

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Earning her stripes.

Let's talk about the Cuddler. Now, I do not normally give her much credence. However, she is earning her stripes here lately.

Last night, she had bathed me and put my PJs on. I had been in a great mood all night so there was no indication that I was not feeling so good. We have a bed time routine, after my bath and PJs, she gives me my bedtime bottle then we read some of my books. Last night was Richard Scary's "this is me." One of my faves. We were in the middle of pointing out Pig's belly button when she saw me gag. Then it came. Three waves of convulsions that emptied my stomach all over her, the recliner and the floor. It even came out my nose. At this point, I started to freak. (By this point she was calmly but definitively hollering for Morning Guy to get in my room.)

Now, they say vomit is different when it is your child. Be that as it may, she says it is still putrid, disgusting vomit.

Here is what she did not do: chunk me onto the floor like the vomit fountain that I am while violently wiping it off of her. I mean it is different in the sense that I am the ONLY human she would ever allow to vomit on her. It is not different, in the fact that it is vomit (for those of you who really know her, we all know that she DOES NOT DO DIRTY).

What she did do: She gently put me on her shoulder and soothed me even as I wiped my vomit covered hands on her face. We will not delve into how close I was to her mouth with said hand.

She cleaned me, herself, the recliner, the carpet, and my lamb in that order for over 45 minutes. The peaches were a bad choice for dinner.

However, at 2:00 AM when I was having a violent coughing/respiratory episode and she came in to give me a breathing treatment, the smell still made her gag. Luckily, she was able to over come it with a diet coke and think about the smell until 4:00 AM while Morning Guy and I caught some zzz.

Love, a unpredictable little Plum

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Family.

It occurs to me that you may not all know my family or what they are like.

Now, this is just the Hinton side of my family. Morning Guy wasn't there today so it was all Hintons.

Now, they are not perfect and never claimed to be. They are loud, opinionated, unapologetic, impatient, and all of them are always right. They all talk at one time.

We get together every Sunday after Church and eat lunch. We eat lunch, then we have dessert (today was birthday brownie and ice cream in honor of Kelsey who is 17!), then an afternoon snack (by this point we have already decided what we will eat for supper), and lastly we eat supper.

So, we eat our big Sunday meal that my PapPaw prepares. Then my Aunt M, Uncle Chris, Kelsey and the Cuddler hibernate and nap like big ole bears. They take up all the couches in the living room so I have to nap in the back room.

They all laughed and talked to me and made faces at me. My Uncle Chris took me outside so I could play. He also snuck me pieces of jerky to suck on when my Nonnie wasn't looking. She is such an alarmist that she wouldn't let me have any for fear that I would choke.

So that is what my Sundays are like. I hope your Sundays are filled with people who love you unconditionally, family that make you the center of their world, and good food.

Lots of Love, Plum

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Zoo and something NEW!

The Cuddler has a federal job so she got Columbus day off. We took advantage of the beautiful day and went to the zoo with my Nonnie. That bear that Ole Miss picked may look cute, but let me tell you, the bears at the zoo were frightening!

The only thing scarier was the tiger...

I preferred the flamingos.

Why in the world would we seek out big scary animals? The Cuddler seemed to have great time and my Nonnie reminisced about growing up in the area around the zoo. I was promised a train ride and a ride on the carousel, but I got neither. I mean I simply expressed my boredom at looking at ducks and all the sudden it was "he seems tired, he needs a nap." And bam it was no more zoo and we were headed home.

Now for something new. I can WALK and the second attempt was caught on camera. I take two or three steps then I eat dirt.

Love a mobile little Plum

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Girl, Izzy.

I think we all know that I am the Cuddler's favorite, but before me, there was Izzy. I decided to do a little diagnostic inspection of Izzy and see what makes her so special to the Cuddler.

First, I wanted to know if she was quishy. She is not.

Then I felt her heart. It has a good strong beat.

I checked out her paws. A little rough, but what I expected.

She was a little nervous about this examination, so I held her paw for a while longer.

Then, we talked about her feelings.

In the end, I have concluded that it is her soulful eyes, gentle nature, sweet spirit, and her unending devotion and patience that make her so dear to the Cuddler. I patted her and told her she was a good girl and I was sorry that she was no longer the favorite but that I was certain the Cuddler would always like her better than our cats.

Love, the Plum

Monday, October 11, 2010

Party (Animals) Part III

After my guest left, I got on the table.

The Cuddler was in a sorority in college and they had a rule against dancing on elevated surfaces, i.e. tables or stages. I am not in a sorority, so I danced on the table. I also drank on the table.

Piggy is a virtuous woman so she was ashamed of me.

Trigg thought it was a great idea, but my PawPaw would not let him on the table.

This wraps up my birthday. Until next year.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Party Part II

The Cuddler and me...

Nicholas Lee

Aunt M, me, and Uncle Chris...

Grannie, me, and Nonnie with my fabulous new wagon...

Christopher and Emmy...

Mammaw and Travis...

Addie Lee, me, and Sarah Spencer...

Me, the Cuddler, and Mammaw opening my great books!


More CAKE!!!

So, maybe my party was not as bad as I made it out to be.

Lots of Love, The Plum

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just take a little off the sides

So, I got my first hair cut today. It was a non-issue...

In the end, I got a sucker.

Love, a good lookin Plum

Monday, October 4, 2010

Rockin Party Part I

The Cuddler really knows how to throw a party. Can't you tell?

The Nelsons...



Sarah Spencer...

John Martin...

Well, at least Nicholas had a swingin time...

Love, Plum