Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Earning her stripes.

Let's talk about the Cuddler. Now, I do not normally give her much credence. However, she is earning her stripes here lately.

Last night, she had bathed me and put my PJs on. I had been in a great mood all night so there was no indication that I was not feeling so good. We have a bed time routine, after my bath and PJs, she gives me my bedtime bottle then we read some of my books. Last night was Richard Scary's "this is me." One of my faves. We were in the middle of pointing out Pig's belly button when she saw me gag. Then it came. Three waves of convulsions that emptied my stomach all over her, the recliner and the floor. It even came out my nose. At this point, I started to freak. (By this point she was calmly but definitively hollering for Morning Guy to get in my room.)

Now, they say vomit is different when it is your child. Be that as it may, she says it is still putrid, disgusting vomit.

Here is what she did not do: chunk me onto the floor like the vomit fountain that I am while violently wiping it off of her. I mean it is different in the sense that I am the ONLY human she would ever allow to vomit on her. It is not different, in the fact that it is vomit (for those of you who really know her, we all know that she DOES NOT DO DIRTY).

What she did do: She gently put me on her shoulder and soothed me even as I wiped my vomit covered hands on her face. We will not delve into how close I was to her mouth with said hand.

She cleaned me, herself, the recliner, the carpet, and my lamb in that order for over 45 minutes. The peaches were a bad choice for dinner.

However, at 2:00 AM when I was having a violent coughing/respiratory episode and she came in to give me a breathing treatment, the smell still made her gag. Luckily, she was able to over come it with a diet coke and think about the smell until 4:00 AM while Morning Guy and I caught some zzz.

Love, a unpredictable little Plum


  1. Poor thing! I know your mom is anti-germs...she doesn't even let me touch the railing on an escalator! So vomit is definitely out of her realm of comfort. You're lucky she loves you!

  2. Oh my goodness... we had the SAME thing happen to us about a month ago! I was actually sick at the same time Grady was sick...both of us had food poisoning. So cleaning up vomit that's been projected all over you while you feel like vomiting yourself is pretty rough. BUT, like you said, you can do it for none other than your precious child! I never in a million years thought I would have had the stomach for it. Amazing what moms can do, huh?