Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Family.

It occurs to me that you may not all know my family or what they are like.

Now, this is just the Hinton side of my family. Morning Guy wasn't there today so it was all Hintons.

Now, they are not perfect and never claimed to be. They are loud, opinionated, unapologetic, impatient, and all of them are always right. They all talk at one time.

We get together every Sunday after Church and eat lunch. We eat lunch, then we have dessert (today was birthday brownie and ice cream in honor of Kelsey who is 17!), then an afternoon snack (by this point we have already decided what we will eat for supper), and lastly we eat supper.

So, we eat our big Sunday meal that my PapPaw prepares. Then my Aunt M, Uncle Chris, Kelsey and the Cuddler hibernate and nap like big ole bears. They take up all the couches in the living room so I have to nap in the back room.

They all laughed and talked to me and made faces at me. My Uncle Chris took me outside so I could play. He also snuck me pieces of jerky to suck on when my Nonnie wasn't looking. She is such an alarmist that she wouldn't let me have any for fear that I would choke.

So that is what my Sundays are like. I hope your Sundays are filled with people who love you unconditionally, family that make you the center of their world, and good food.

Lots of Love, Plum

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