Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Zoo and something NEW!

The Cuddler has a federal job so she got Columbus day off. We took advantage of the beautiful day and went to the zoo with my Nonnie. That bear that Ole Miss picked may look cute, but let me tell you, the bears at the zoo were frightening!

The only thing scarier was the tiger...

I preferred the flamingos.

Why in the world would we seek out big scary animals? The Cuddler seemed to have great time and my Nonnie reminisced about growing up in the area around the zoo. I was promised a train ride and a ride on the carousel, but I got neither. I mean I simply expressed my boredom at looking at ducks and all the sudden it was "he seems tired, he needs a nap." And bam it was no more zoo and we were headed home.

Now for something new. I can WALK and the second attempt was caught on camera. I take two or three steps then I eat dirt.

Love a mobile little Plum

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  1. YEAAAA, little plum! You are such a big boy! I am so proud of you! Now just think of all you can get into, now that you are so mobile!