Tuesday, October 26, 2010

She's no Martha Stewart.

So. The Cuddler attempted to do something nice for me. This is how they turned out. I mean what are they? Angry pumpkins? Sad pumpkins? Does one say bog?

They were uglier than homemade sin, but I ate them anyway.

However, to show her my disdain for her lack of cupcake decorating expertise, I threw up orange icing all over our carpet tonight. Luckily, we have the "little green proheat" on loan from John George and the Cuddler was able to clean the carpet.

Further solidifying her weak attempt at being a good mother, the Cuddler had this delivered yesterday.

If you all will remember, approximately 10 months ago, the Cuddler purchased a needlepoint stocking kit for me. Since that time, she has needlepointed for a grand total of 30 minutes. Accordingly, she has admitted defeat and bought a stocking so that I will have one this year. So instead of having a handcrafted stocking made with love, I have a mass produced stocking from Pottery Barn Kids.

Love, a manufactured and generic little Plum

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