Monday, January 6, 2014

one year home and dogs

One of the really jarring moments for me in China was when we went next door our hotel to the McDonalds.  A vendor was on the sidewalk selling dog skins. There were dozens of them.  I had to practically step over the head of a Saint Bernard.  If you know me in real life, you know how horrifying this was for me.  I have spent a good bit of time and resources supporting animal rescue.  I served on the board of a local rescue before the kids.  I can trap a feral cat, get it fixed, have it's ear tipped, and release it with minimal fuss. That assumes that I don't actually trap a raccoon or armadillo.  Both of which I have done.  They were unharmed.

Anyway, after my horror, I also had a little moment of guilt that my two fat fur girls live better than lots of orphans.  They always get immediate medical attention, even if the concern is minor.  They have a climate controlled area and always have plenty of food and water.  I have spent thousands of dollars on Izzy's hips and thyroid and skin.  I spend hundreds, if not thousands, every year on heart worm preventative, flea treatments, shots, pain killers, vitamins, supplements, thyroid medicines, and blood work.   I love these dogs.

When Sammy came home one year ago today, he was terrified of Izzy and Addy.  He was only slightly less scared of them than the cats, Lola and GemGem.  My how times have changed.

Yes, he was covering them up like babies.  Yes, they are slightly insulted, but they were good sports.  He and John Hinton both smelled like dogs when I put them to bed.  Too bad the girls didn't smell like freshly bathed little boys.

Happy Family Day!!! 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Video of CAB

I really can't do her justice but here is some video that JR took.  We are on the tour bus with our two other families and their children on our way to get the children's medical exams.  I had to cut the video, but at the end, I start trying to clarify whether Sam needed a TB test.  She kept saying children over two needed a TB test.  Sam was the only child in our group who was two.  So I asked if children who were two had to get the test. She kept repeating children over two had be tested.  Umm, the correct answer was children two and over have to have a TB test.  I can't imagine why there so much confusion and this whole trip seemed like such a cluster.  Can you?

I should also mention that this was the first day back with the other families after being away for a week.  I was ecstatic to see them.  That really doesn't do it justice.  JR said he didn't know if he had ever seen me that happy.  I'm pretty sure that I tackled Brandi and Angela when I saw them.  Given that our interactions up to this point had been very brief, I'm sure this was a little off putting for them, but I hadn't talked to anyone but JR in a week. I was super excited to see familiar faces.

I want to keep updating on our time in China so I don't forget, but as we approach one year at home, I want to record some of favorite things about Sammy right now.  First, this kid has the best smile.  Seriously, for a child labeled deformed because of his mouth, he has great dimples and an infectious laugh.  When we first came home, Sam didn't have any fat.  I even asked the pediatrician about the large boney protrusions on his forehead.  Now there is a nice thick layer of fat on his forehead and you can't even see the knots.  He lets me rock him to sleep every night now.  I rock him long after he is asleep and just feel the weight of his body and head on my chest.  I smell his hair and rub his cheeks.  His hair is fabulous.  When he first got home, John Hinton said that Sam's hair hurt him.  Now, it is luxurious.  I could not have asked for more out of John Hinton in this last year.  He is such a great big brother.  They fight and love.  They are brothers.  John Hinton cries when Sammy gets in trouble for pinching or scratching.

No lie, they wear me out, but I have no regrets.