Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bedlum in Bethlehem

Little town of Bethlehem before the Plum got home and discovered baby Jesus and the people and animals that accompany him.

The mayhem that unsued after Plum got home. Baby Jesus thrown out of the manger on the left.

Close up of the mayhem.

Don't worry. We have removed baby Jesus from the nativity for his own protection. He had taken a wild ride on the cozy coupe and when I asked Plum to take him back to his mama and daddy because babies need their mamas, he brought him to me. I have placed him on the mantle. Last year, Nonnie and PawPaw's Jesus missed the whole advent season and new year. He did not appear again until groundhog day.

Should we visit you during the holidays, hide baby Jesus! I am not responsible if you choose not to.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

God Bless the Strong Willed Child

God bless the strong willed child and the Mama that loves him and is trying to train him.

I know God must have big things planned for you. Things that will use your determination and passion for good. However, before you get to those things, I have to raise you not to be a self-centered, mama-biting, daddy-spittin, drama-queen. In order to do that, God will need to give me strength, patience, courage, and understanding, because you, my love, can be exhausting.

Tonight, it was a bleeding bobo on your finger which led to screaming and gnashing of teeth. We had to cut bath time short. You refused a band-aid. I don't know what your deal is band-aids. You are terrified of them. I tried to put ointment on it and you fell out crying right after you wiped it all off. Then you got in the fridge and demanded a coke. Um no.

You my little demanding love are going to do big things one day, and I will remind myself of that and thank God for the opportunity to be part of it.

Now, let's hope you are a little more laid back tomorrow and maybe I won't wake up in such a butt kickin name taking mood, and we can all make it though the day with fewer hissy fits.

Love, your exhausted mother

P.S. I could be wrong about God having big things planned for you, i.e. you could choose not to use your strengths for good but rather for evil. In that case, just remember that Jesus and I both you and that I tried.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

MY Unc!

After church, we went to visit my brother-also know as "Unc"-at the fire station so the Plum could visit with him and see the truck. He had the best time.

We also enjoyed the swings behind the station.

Well, after our visit Plum just kept insisting MY UNC! He is going through this *umm, little* possessive phase. I'm not sure which one of us he thought was vying for his uncle but he wanted none of it.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lighten up

We are going back to our regularly scheduled programming and the reason you all come here: THE PLUM.

When Morning Guy is away, Plum has suckers for supper, BIG thuckers as he calls them.

When Morning Guy and I are both away, Plum eats dirt at daycare. Like a lot of dirt, apparently.

I even love a sticky and dirty little Plum.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Good Christian, Bad Christian?

I did not know when I got my "Christian Card" that there were categories of Christians, and that by voting NO on Amendment 26 I was a "bad Christan." Thanks to facebook and all the "good Christians" on there, now I know. Here I had been thinking that I was just a flawed sinner trying to do my best to discern God's will for my life, be a good mother and a decent wife and repent and apologize when I fell short. I wish someone would have told me earlier, we all know that I'm an over achiever and people pleaser, and I would have tried a lot harder. We all know it is your works that get you to heaven.

But as long as I am airing all of my sins, let's get it all out on the table. I regularly let Plum eat suckers before 8:00 AM. I hardly ever eat my vegetables. This past Sunday, I skipped Sunday School because I wanted to share that extra hour with John Hinton and J.R. without screaming at everyone to hurry up. I am always thinking something unchristian in my head.

So back to the topic at hand, the convictions that got me on the bad list:

I think it is a shame for any women to die during child birth. I think it is criminal for society to tell a woman that she should die because she has suffered an ectopic pregnancy that will never result in a child.

I cannot agree with the notion that victims should be revictimized by carrying a child conceived during rape or incest rather than offered the morning after pill prior to the implantation of a fertilized egg. My only response if I were in that situation would be "yes, please and may I have another."

I made it very clear to J.R. that I would lay my life down without pause for John Hinton and that I expected him to respect that decision. And I would do that same thing for him a thousand times over. However, it is my life to give and my choice to make.

As for the allegation that by voting no that I do not value God created life, well, you don't know me that well. I truly believe that mothering John Hinton is as close as will get to God on this side of heaven.

I think that a grown woman can with prayerful consideration make these difficult life altering decisions without a constitutional amendment. These are not nonchalant or flippant decisions, and the women involved-also a God created life-deserve at least as much respect and dignity and protection as her fertilized egg.

This is not a diatribe against people who voted yes. I am proud to be part of a family where we all voted our conscious which resulted is some yes's and some no's. This is a rant against people who think that they are "good Christians" because of the way that they voted. But if you feel morally superior to me because I'm obviously a baby hater, don't worry, God can give me the business about it when I get to heaven.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween and kitchens

The Plum enjoyed Halloween--in spite of having a double ear infection. But he would rather ride the Ranger than get candy. We went trick or treating with the cutest little robot you have ever seen! Thanks to Steven for driving us around.

Morning Guy went as Fred Flintstone.

I spent three hours Saturday morning putting together Plum's new kitchen from his Grannie.

On a completely unrelated note, if you are going to give Plum a gift for Christmas, you should plan on assembling. I'm out.