Tuesday, November 22, 2011

God Bless the Strong Willed Child

God bless the strong willed child and the Mama that loves him and is trying to train him.

I know God must have big things planned for you. Things that will use your determination and passion for good. However, before you get to those things, I have to raise you not to be a self-centered, mama-biting, daddy-spittin, drama-queen. In order to do that, God will need to give me strength, patience, courage, and understanding, because you, my love, can be exhausting.

Tonight, it was a bleeding bobo on your finger which led to screaming and gnashing of teeth. We had to cut bath time short. You refused a band-aid. I don't know what your deal is band-aids. You are terrified of them. I tried to put ointment on it and you fell out crying right after you wiped it all off. Then you got in the fridge and demanded a coke. Um no.

You my little demanding love are going to do big things one day, and I will remind myself of that and thank God for the opportunity to be part of it.

Now, let's hope you are a little more laid back tomorrow and maybe I won't wake up in such a butt kickin name taking mood, and we can all make it though the day with fewer hissy fits.

Love, your exhausted mother

P.S. I could be wrong about God having big things planned for you, i.e. you could choose not to use your strengths for good but rather for evil. In that case, just remember that Jesus and I both you and that I tried.


  1. Oh, Alissa, Bless Your Heart! You are one of the Godliest Mom's I've ever seen. The Lord MUST be WELL PLEASED with all of your efforts to be a good Mom. I clean your house and see the books you've read from the time your were pregnant to help you have a healthy baby, then after he was born, how to understand the meaning of his cries, to how to raise a child who would love God, and so many more I cannot even remember. I hope I live to see what wonderful things J.H. will accomplish in his sweet little life, and they will be great things, NO DOUBT, with such loving parents behind him!

  2. I saw this with great confidence. You are doing an amazing job (even tho sometimes I am sure it doesn't feel like it) but it DOES get better. Same thing with ditching the passy - just stay strong. It is so hard and my kid is definitely NO angel but it does get better.
    Hang in there!