Monday, September 30, 2013

four years, really?

Tonight, I kissed a three year old good night.

In the morning, I will kiss a four year old good morning. 

Where has the time gone?  How can I make it slow down?

Me: How did you get so big?
Him: Because I wanted to.
Me: But I want you to always stay my baby.
Him: I'll always be your baby. 

Be still my heart and time.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Dear (part 2)

Dear Friends,

If you let your child eat the "true lemon" packet straight at Rusty's, he will throw up all over the table in front of God and everybody.

-Been there, done that

Dear Sammy,

You are flat footed and have some gross motor delays.  Stop running everywhere.  You eat dirt and concrete constantly and currently look like we beat the hell out of you.



Dear folks who say that God doesn't give you more than you can handle,

Are you sure of this?  I mean Biblically positive?

Sometimes life deals you a loss that is so great that you see black.  You can no longer find oxygen in the room.  Your heart breaks.  Your spirit is crushed. Your will to live has died.

I think the most you can hope for is that by God's grace you are surrounded by people who hold you so tight that your pieces don't fall to the ground when you break.  They feed you.  They tell you when to breath.


Dear children of mine,

Y'all have seriously acted like you have no home training.  You are not wild banshees.  You are Methodist.  Knock it off before I lock y'all in the house and drive away.  Seriously.

-A lady who means it

Dear Brandi,

John Hinton ask me at least three times a week if we are going to Myrtle Beach (like driving there in that moment).  When I say no, he starts to pout and says, "but I love Macy and Faith."

Much Love!