Saturday, February 20, 2010

some people just can't appreciate a really great head

Let us start with Tuesday, I started screaming and have not stopped. I screamed all night long Tuesday night. This made the Cuddler very tired for our appointment with the pediatric ophthalmologist. My appointment went great. My different size pupils are not a sign of a more serious condition.

Since I was still screaming on Friday, the Cuddler took me to see Dr. W. She thinks that it is my tummy. We had switched formula a few weeks ago to soy, but we have switched back to the hypoallergenic formula. It is designed for babies with colic and may have treated symptoms that the Cuddler did not even know I had. My ears are also still ticking me off so we are going to call the ENT on Monday. Dr. W was concerned by the shape of my head so she is sending us for a CT scan. We were a little shocked by this (and my blood curdling screaming) so we didn't ask any questions, but we will have more details when the nurse calls us on Tuesday. Some people just do not appreciate a really great head.

We are all hoping that the recent screaming is tummy/ears related and not a headache from pressure cause by a flat place in my skull. We will keep you updated, but between the screaming and all of my appointments there isn't much time to blog. =(

Here is a little picture to tide you over for a while...

P.S. The Cuddler needed a break from the screaming so I spent the night with my Nonnie and Pawpaw and am to you live from their house. My Pawpaw gets upset when I am the slightest bit unhappy so you will have to ask him what he thought of the screaming. The good news is that today is a beautiful day and we are going to enjoy some much needed outdoor time!

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