Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl Pictures...

The madness that is squares going on at the kitchen table. The square bosses did a great job administering squares this year.


My future winnings!

Me, The Cuddler, and John Martin

Me, The Cuddler, and my Nonnie. Who was super sweet and took me to the doctor today. It was a treat to get to see her on a Monday! I still have some fluid on my ears. =(

John Martin wrote a detailed story about his memories as a Saints fan and traveling around the country to watch them play. He included this story about our Pappaw John. Here is an exert about Pappaw:

One particular game in 2004, the Saints were still mathematically eligible for the playoffs and headed to Jacksonville. They looked beaten after a Jaguar score, but lateral-ed their way to a kickoff return miracle for a touchdown that would seemingly tie the game with seconds left barring the extra point. It was a magnificent moment as Jerome Pathon dove into the end zone. My ailing Grandpa John had already limped out to the car to head home and I ran outside to bring him back in to watch over time. As soon as I got him back in front of the TV, in perfect Saints fashion, John Carney missed the game-tying extra point and the season was over. By grandfather looked down and shook his head and said under his breath, “damn Saints.” He walked back out of the house in silence. The only bright spot is that another classic Jim Henderson call came of it– “He Missed it. NOOO!. HOW could he DO that!?!?” There is nothing else of note to report from this era (2001-2004).

No one can call my family band wagon fans.

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