Wednesday, February 24, 2010

calf rope

We are getting up before dawn to head to the city to get my tubes. For clarification, we live right outside of town. The city is about an hour east of town. There are lots of things in the city that are just better than what we have in town, like ENTs. My grandparents live in the country. There are no ENTs in the country. Anyway, I have been on antibiotics for eight weeks and we are calling calf rope. I'm always pulling on my ear when I cry out at night and we give.

I overheard the Cuddler talking about denying me food in the morning. I'm not pleased. I'm also a little concerned because Izzy and Addy seemed very alarmed when I told them that the doctor was going to put me to sleep...

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  1. Don't worry JHA. The doctors in the city will take care of you and you will soon resume sleep filled nights. You will then wonder why the cuddler and the morning guy didn't get on the tube wagon earlier. Let us know how it goes!