Monday, March 7, 2011

Traveler's Hell

March 6, 2011
11:36 am: flight to Charlotte over 40 minutes late due to "technical" difficulties.
2:03 pm: land in Charlotte, no time for lunch, hungry.
2:09 pm: make it to gate E36 from gate E1 to board flight to Charlottesville. Bad weather. Very bad weather. Bumpy flight. Very bumpy. Nauseated. Very Nauseated.
3:34 pm: land in Charlottesville and head to rental car counter
3:39 pm: informed that I will not receive a rental car because my license expired 2/28/11
3:50 pm: told if my luggage did not appear in the baggage claim area to go to U.S. Airways desk
3:56 pm: realize that the people in front of me have been in line for over an hour and a three year old is napping on the floor, very hungry.
5:37 pm: told my luggage will be in around 9:00 pm, migraine. About to throw up or pass out from hunger.

March 7, 2011
1:49 am: 2 imitrexs in and migraine weakened but not dead and still no luggage.
5:29 am: no luggage but headache is a little better.
7:11 am: wear the clothes that I flew and slept in to my class. No deodorant and no hairbrush.
8:40 am: purchased deodorant from the book store or px as they call it. headache returned.
4:55 pm: return to room to find luggage and flowers from Morning Guy.

Lessons learned: pack a pair of underwear, deodorant, tooth brush and hair brush in carry on.

Love, a lonely Cuddler that wants to go home

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  1. You have a good good man. Saw him this morning dropping off the Plum. And picking up strangers...He's a good man. Hurry home!!!