Saturday, March 26, 2011

When you have a moment...

When you have a moment, I have a prayer request. We all know that the Cuddler is a blog stalker. She really has a thing for adoption blogs. In her stalking, she came along this precious little boy, Kirill. You can read his story here. Kirill's adoption has been denied in Russia because the judge thinks that since he has Down Syndrome that he would be better in an institution than with a family. She says the family can have another child, just not Kirill. He is not acceptable for society. This hurts the Cuddler's heart. How could anyone think that this baby does not deserve a family, a family that is in Russia now fighting to bring him home? Please lift them up in prayer.

I have put a "button" for Kirill over on the right hand side of my blog as a reminder that he needs our prayers. His family does not know us from Adam, but we know that people with Down Syndrome are people with personality, feelings and love to give. We know because we loved our Aunt Betty Jo. She was full of herself and we will share some stories about her over the next few months because they just deserve to be told.

With a heavy heart, we pray that God will convict the hearts of the deciding officials to let this sweet baby go home with his family and open the way for other children to be adopted.

Love, the Plum

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