Monday, August 9, 2010

weekend wrap up

I had good weekend. I had my picture taken Saturday morning at Aunt Susan's and Uncle Jim's. I think we can all agree that this shoot went better than my previous shoot. The Cuddler thinks that Katie from Mary Moments did a fabulous job.

Saturday night, we went over to visit the Morrises, but that is a whole nother post all of its own.

Sunday, we went to church and had brunch at Anchuca. This is one of the Cuddler favorite places to eat in Vicksburg. I pondered my options.

I decided to have some cheese grits, biscuit and breakfast casserole, but I started with cheerios.

This is me with our favorite waiter, Zach.

Here, I am with the beautiful fountain.

Much love, Plum


  1. That is SO cute. He's such a thinking man.

  2. i absolutely love that picture! he smiles so good for me :)