Saturday, May 1, 2010

Oh the humanity!


Oil slicks,



That’s right my people, GRASS! Even with all the bad things happening around us, I can’t believe that grass doesn’t get some attention.

The Cuddler and Morning Guy took me to have my picture taken by lovely Mrs. Katie from Mary Moments. We all got dressed up in our Easter outfits, mine was handmade by Mrs. Torey. Then,they put me in the grass. Can you believe their nerve? Why would I want to sit in the grass?!?!?!?! Here is what I thought about that.

And I didn't let it go either. I told them about it all during our session.
Don’t you love how Morning Guy looks like he is posing for Ralph Lauren in this one?

Why are they smiling?

The Cuddler can’t believe she wasted her time and money on this picture.

Love a very sad little Plum


  1. I can't believe they put you in the grass! How terrible! :)

  2. Oh the humanity!!!