Tuesday, April 20, 2010

this little piggy

I'm a little concerned. There are three boys-no girls right now-in my daycare class, C, N, and E. They were all born within a month of me. Today, I noticed our food for the day. C had three bottles and a food, N had two bottles, and E had three bottles and a food. Do you know what I had? Two milk bottles, one juice bottle, and 4 foods!!! Not to mention, most of theirs were stage 1 which are way smaller than my stage 2. Before I get to daycare, I have a milk bottle. When I get home, I have a veggie and a carton of yogart, and I have a bottle of milk before bed.

What do you think this means?

Could I be a fatty? If you know my family, you know food is the cornerstone of all things in our lives. Something good happens, you have a party and eat. Someone is sick, you take them food. Someone dies, everyone makes food and we eat. It's a holiday, we eat twice. Lunch and dinner with snacking in between. Our excuses for eating are endless.

So, what are other 7 month olds out there eating?

Love, a piggy little Plum

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  1. Emma was a "fatty" too...still is! She's always the last one at the table eating when we're with our playgroup and it isn't because she's a slow eater. I think it just means y'all are good eaters and we should be proud! Y'all know good food when you taste it. :)