Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Half Birthday to me...

For my half birthday, I got a chest x-ray and nebulizer. What a rockin day.

Nonnie took me in to see Dr. W this morning at the Cuddler's request. It was a very long morning for both of us. I still feel really puny.

Ok, so on my half birthday, I can roll both ways. I eat 6 cartons of baby food a day (which I greatly prefer over formula). I love to talk and sing while I'm taking my baby food. I sleep from 8 pm to 6 am.

Even though I'm not feeling like the rock star that I am, I am looking forward to better days. Like in 14 days tax season will be over and in 15 days I will head to God's country, Starkville. We are headed to super bulldog weekend and I cannot wait!

Here, I am preparing for our trip to see the Bulldogs play by wearing the Cuddler's old t-shirt and jeans...

We were vintage before vintage was cool.

Love, a very congested sickly Plum

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  1. I'm sorry Plum is sick!! Poor thing! Thanks for the prayers! They really mean a lot right now!