Monday, May 31, 2010

What do you do with a boy?!?

This is a guest post from the Cuddler to the Plum. It has been one year since I found out that you were a little boy. I had thought you were a little boy in the beginning but Morning Guy convinced me that you were a little girl. I just knew the sonogram would reveal a girl. I had a girl name picked and a pink pattern for your bedding selected. So, when they said, "it's a boy!!!" My first reaction was, what I am going to do with a boy!?!?

Well Plum, after eight months as your mother, I now know what to do a with a little boy. For starters, love you with every fiber of being. I spent a lot of time in the beginning cleaning up tinkle from the walls, carpets, me, you, etc. That is a reflection on me, not you.

I use to be a mass exodus for our expendable income. Now, I am trying out a budget so Morning Guy can buy you a yellow jeep to tool around in with the wind blowing in your hair.

I spend my days telling you to stop chewing on electrical cords, trying to stop you from pulling Morning Guy's electric guitar over on yourself (which you do and the guitar slams into the tile floor), and calming the dogs down after you have herded them in your walker. I am a little embarrassed and amused when you laugh after you ram other children at daycare with your walker. I try not to smile when you spit bananas at me. I rake the azalea leaves out of your mouth after you eat them when I'm not looking.

I go to bed at night praying that God gives me the strength, patience, and understanding to be the best mother that I can be.

The Cuddler loves you very much Plum.

Love, The Cuddler


  1. Awwww. I remember when you found out Plum was a boy and seeing how you were a little unsure, and I love seeing how he is the light of your world now!!!

  2. Sometimes, I think a momma just knows. I knew from the beginning that HL was a boy. You are doing a great job. The plum is precious.