Wednesday, June 2, 2010

dropped me like I was hot...

My Nonnie and Pappaw left me to go the beach in their travel dumpling on my first Memorial day. We were not invited. Oh wait, 24 hours before they left we were offered a pity invitation.

They dropped me like I was hot.

That's OK, I made use of their pool every day of the holiday, and I looked dang good doing it.

On Saturday morning, I got to hang out with Baby Mo and watch the Cuddler, Leigh, and Mo's mom eat pancakes. We were not offered any pancakes. Figures.

Mary Elizabeth and Julia came over and went swimming with me. It was a great weekend. And I went over to see my Nonnie and Pappaw Monday night when they got home and everyone but me enjoyed some delicious shrimp (compliments of my Uncle Chris, who WAS on the beach trip). We all went swimming again.

Love, a sunny little Plum

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