Monday, June 7, 2010

weekend wrap up

We had a very busy weekend. Saturday, we were invited over for a cookout with my friend, Nicholas. I had a great time. Nicholas can crawl and pull up. I've decided that is very pedestrian. I'm going to continue making this bunch carry me around. The Cuddler inadvertently left with their spoon in her dip bowl. I'm sure we will never be invited back thanks to clepto.

Saturday night, I got to hang out with my Aunt Susan and Uncle Jim while the Cuddler and Morning Guy went out to eat with Aunt Emmy, Christopher, John Martin and Linds. They went to Crechale's and had a great time. They talked about their Papaw and laughed entirely too loud for too long. They also talked about how sad they were that I may never get to go down to Venice, LA fishing with our family. It has been a family tradition for over fifty years. It was enough to make The Cuddler pull a tear.

I had my follow up with my neurosurgeon today and I got a fabulous report. My head is on the big side of normal but nothing to worry about.

I have been giving The Cuddler and Morning Guy the business. My top four teeth are all coming in at the same time and you just cannot please me.

But for you people, I smile with a frog...

Love, a big headed little Plum

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