Thursday, August 26, 2010

Spiders and Frogs, oh my!

Do you know what lurks outside of your bedroom window?

Well, a BIG SCARY spider lived (notice the past tense) outside of Morning Guy and the Cuddler's bedroom window. Morning Guy was removing our water hose rack and look who was living inside...

She was lurking out there just waiting for her chance to sneak in at night and attack us in our sleep. Can you imagine?

Ok, so for something less scary, Mrs. Katie was so sweet to give me a great frog that has metallic tummy and a ball that you can in spin in the middle. I LOVE this new toy.

The Cuddler notice a little plastic tab that you are suppose to pull out of the back my frog. You know what happened when she pulled the tab? The frog started croaking and croaking and croaking. It is fabulous. Morning Guy fails to see how great this is. It is motion activated, so I every time I go for my new favorite toy, I get to hear his sweet sounds. Morning Guy has vowed to buy an equally fabulous toy for Mrs. Katie's baby, Riley. Look how much fun you can have with a croaking frog...

I'm headed to bed. Just remember that you never know what is lurking outside...

love, Plum


  1. Alissa, he is so cute!!! And getting so big. Isn't it fun to watch them grow?

  2. Thanks Plum. I am officially grossed out knowing what lived outside your house. Ick. Glad the situation is under control. Good to see you back this morning!!!!!