Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some Beach

Well, that certainly sucked.

I was suppose to leave Thursday morning for four days and three nights here:

with her (Alissa Grace, the Cuddler's cousin's daughter)

and him (Joseph, the Cuddler's cousin's son)

However, Thursday morning the Cuddler did not load our packed bags, twizzlers, beach umbrella, cooler, or bubble machine. Instead, I got six days and five nights here:

I have Kawasaki's Disease. Considering that Kawasaki disease is more common in the Japanese-American population, Morning Guy is considering asking for a DNA test to make sure that I am really his. Let's be honest, two mating bats attacked him. It's not a big leap to think that as his son, I might be prone to random and curious events. The good thing is that I have responded excellently to my therapy and my echo cardiogram was fine. I am home now and we are all very thankful for our family and friends' support.

All the nurses and doctors were wonderful but those people do not respect personal space or my right to privacy, and I think they may have a little bit of a vampire fetish. It's late and we are all exhausted from this wild ride. Feel free to keep the prayers coming. Good night.


a poked, prodded, bruised, and violated little Plum

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  1. so scary! I'm glad you're back home and hopefully things are back on track!