Monday, August 30, 2010

Supper Club with Cousins

Pictured: The Cuddler, Emmy, Christopher, Linds, John Martin, and Morning Guy.

It's like their own supper club, but only it's cooler and at a bar. The Cuddler and Morning Guy had a fabulous time with her cousins.

Check out the Cuddler's chili cheese fries. She didn't eat all of them by herself, but she made a pretty good go of it.

When they go out, I get to stay with my Aunt Susan and Uncle Jim. Being at their house is a lot like being at my Non and PawPaw's.

1. I get constant love and attention.
2. They have beautiful golden retriever.
3. They have tile floors so I can really get going with my army crawl.
4. They are kind-a-like the boss of the Cuddler so she can't tell them what to do with me.
5. Uncle Jim has great hair, like my PawPaw.
6. Did I mention the constant love and attention and kisses?!?!

Just so you can get your Plum fix, here I am showing off my physique and my left hand wave.

Love, the Plum

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