Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves


I have previously mentioned my PawPaw's gypsies. Well, the gypsies have their own culture and traditions. We will call it gypsy law.

Under gypsy law, grandparents get to pick their favorite grandchild and make it their own. My pawpaw, being tight with the gypsies and all, has decided that he and my Non will take me as their own. They have had a difficult time letting me go after my long visit during the Cuddler's trip. PawPaw has been discussing this with a gypsy lawyer and they agree that he is within his honorary gypsy rights.

The Cuddler did not give this plan any credence.



So my PawPaw decided to drop back and punt. He and my Non have decided that they will steal me in the middle of the night. He figured that we can live in their travel dumplin somewhere south of the border without the Cuddler getting me back.

The Cuddler has already drafted the APB:
My PawPaw driving his big diesel skint back pulling a travel dumplin, while blowing his horn at other drivers (cause that's how he rolls). Headed to Mexico with a stolen baby on board!!! Accompanied by my very nervous Non and one tramp (see above, their dog Shamrock. They would never leave him behind).

I'm going to pack.

Love, Plum

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