Sunday, February 27, 2011

a great weekend

This has been a busy and great weekend. I got the opportunity to go to Starkville, one of favorite places ever, and visit with my sorority sisters. I had not seen some of these lovely ladies in a decade. This are two of my closest friends, Anna and Julia.

We had such a wonderful time catching up, eating, and shopping. I would have loved to stay another night and enjoy their company, but I had to get home to see JR and the apple of my eye!

I got to spend the afternoon with my family. My daddy made me Bar-B-Q Shrimp as my birthday dinner and Moma got me Primo's caramel cake. JR and the Plum got me a new kettle, a onion chopper and the Pioneer Woman's cookbook. We are kind of a food oriented family!

Love, the Cuddler

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