Sunday, February 13, 2011

a name

From the Cuddler to the Plum:

I want you to know where you come from and how special you are and your name is. You are named after my grandfather.

John Hammond Hinton
May 8, 1926-February 13, 2004

Today marks seven years since we lost Pappaw. He was such a special man to everyone that knew him. He and Mammaw Ina played such an important part of my childhood, and Morning Guy and I wanted to give that to you before we even knew you. After college, we decided to come home so that our children could have that same experience.

Pappaw always showed me love and affection and had the up most faith in me and thought anyone who didn't agree was a fool. When I went to my recruiting visit to Mississippi State University, I visited the School of Civil Engineering. I was the only girl in group of a dozen guys. The Civil Engineering representative told me that a couple of girls had graduated in Civil Engineering but that they barely got out with passing grades. When I came back and told Pappaw this story, he looked at me as serious as ever and asked, "Does he know who YOU are?" As if it was preposterous that I would do anything but excel and this guy was a jackass for any other inference. My point is that it would be easy for a man of Pappaw's generation to agree with the jackass, but on many occasions Pappaw showed how much he believed in me.

Your Pappaw loved a good stiff drink, gambling, dancing, and food.

He was a hunter,

A fisherman (two fish, one line on an oil rig platform in the gulf),

An excellent story teller,

A soft spot for my naps,

A display for my dresses,

A loving and adoring grandfather,

Your name is something to be proud of and I expect you to live up to it.

Love, the Cuddler

P.S. Your PawPaw has that same love for you. Here is an excerpt from his Valentine's Day card to you: "Your world will change each day as will things around you-But no matter how much things change, always remember that we love you with all of our hearts and souls."

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