Monday, December 27, 2010

Shame on me

Does anyone ever find themselves looking at other people's lives or blogs or whatever and being envious because their career is more prestigious, or their marriage seems hotter, or their children are better behaved, or they are skinnier, or their house is cooler. Oh come on, you know the type. Even their dogs have pedigrees. They are saving the world one orphan at a time and looking better than you doing it.

Meanwhile, I'm here with my loved asthmatic baby who has recently started throwing some impressive temper tantrums in my plain house with my two dogs that are far from registered. I'm only at work three-fourths of time (see above about the asthmatic). It's hard to get anywhere when you are doing good to get in 8 whole hours a day. I haven't even kissed anyone besides my husband since 1995. Yes, you read that right. Not much mystery there. My new "skinny" jeans are double digits. And I find myself wondering what I'm doing to make the world a better place.

But you know what? I happen to love my neighborhood where my little house is and my neighbors are fabulous. How many women reading this blog would sell their soul for a baby, biological, adopted or otherwise? Several that I know of. My dogs aren't that pretty and they don't know many tricks, but I love them dearly. My friends are really supportive and funny. I am thankful for my job, if for no other reason than great insurance for the asthmatic. I really like my husband. I enjoy his company and would rather be with him than anywhere else. And I have rockin boots to make up for the big skinny jeans.

Take a look at your life and think about all the ordinary things that make it really extraordinary.

This is Izzy being ashamed of me ever wishing away one moment of our ordinary life.

The Cuddler


  1. Way to Keep it Real!!!! Love it!

  2. I love your ordinary life! You are exactly right that the little things make it extraordinary. And don't forget that a lot of people may be "picture perfect" but who wants that anyway! It would too much for me keep up with as I have a hard time simply keeping my house clean and getting out the door without some kind of kid something on my clothes!