Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I got up Christmas morning and found a jeep that Santa brought me.

After I checked that out for a while, we rode to my Nonnie's and PawPaw's to visit my family and Aunt M's cracked out little dog, Macy.

Mammaw and I enjoyed a little snack before lunch. She's old and I'm a baby so we eat when we want. We don't wait for the blessing or for everyone to get there. We do what we want.

The Cuddler is always glad when my Uncle Chris spends Christmas with us and not at the fire department.

Here, we are goofing off Christmas night after we opened presents. Uncle Chris' chocolate covered cherries melted because of the fire and he gave his new safety harness to Morning Guy. Score for Morning Guy. Bust for Uncle Chris.

I ate sugar cookies until I was in stooper.

Me downing another sugar cookie while modeling my MSU jersey that John Martin and Linds got me! Go STATE!

John Martin, the Cuddler, Me and my Mammaw.

Me, the Cuddler and Em.

By the end of the day, we were all feeling a little cracked out.

What a wonderful day to be surrounded by love, joy, laughter, and family. We could not ask for more except some pictures of Morning Guy and PawPaw.

Love a happy and blessed and loved little Plum

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