Thursday, December 30, 2010

Looking for Jesus?

I have been hearing a lot about other kids' nativities. I thought I'd share my nativity story with you.

The Cuddler did not even bother getting baby Jesus and the rest of the crew out of our attic. The lone sole member of our nativity was "Children's Camel" that I picked out and my Nonnie purchased at the Monastery for our set.

Anyway, my Nonnie did put her nativity out. Well, she will only be putting some of it back in storage.

Right after she put it out, I was merely inspecting baby Jesus to get a better understanding of Christmas. And lo and behold, I cannot remember where I have left baby Jesus. Everyone has looked and searched for the reason for the season, but to no avail. I also decapitated a wise man. I mean, it was the one with the mur. What kind of gift is that for a baby?

My Nonnie thinks it was a message from God that we all need to seek Jesus. The Cuddler thinks Nonnie should put the nativity on a shelf. We have no comment on the wise man.

Let us know if find a lost baby Jesus.

Love, a mischvious little Plum

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  1. Personally, I was never a fan of mur either. They were clearly just asking for you to play with the set if they left if down on your level...what do they expect?! haha Miss you!