Monday, March 12, 2012

From the mouth...

of a potty training parent:

Yes, you are right. We do not eat poo poo.
Do you need to tee tee? (repeat a.m.i.l.l.i.o.n. time)
Do you need to poo poo? (repeat t.h.o.u.s.a.n.d.s. of times)
Try to aim for the potty, please.
NO! Do NOT put your head in the potty.
Yes, I know there is water running in the potty, but we still don't put our head in there.
DO NOT stick your finger in your nose after you touched your booty.
As a matter of fact, we do not put our finger in our booty.
Yes, I know that you NEED M&Ms for poo poo-ing.
Sure, Daddy can also have M&Ms for pottying.
Um no, we do not tee tee in the bathtub.
Be gentle.
No, that's not poo poo, it's a pine cone.
Please don't tee tee outside during recess.
It's time to poo poo or get off the pot.

All of those have been said at our house in the last 72 hours, some several times. But I am proud to report that there were no accidents yesterday or today. We are proud to be (hopefully) on our way to trained, and Plum has only locked himself in the bathroom one time.

I have cleaned the bathroom floor and surrounding areas hundreds of times.

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