Saturday, March 31, 2012

A boy, from China?

When we tell people that we are adopting a boy from China we get two questions: A boy from China? and What's his name?

The other day I had my first "negative" reaction about the fact that we are adopting a boy. It was our first negative comment period. I had an "old" lady say "why would you ever adopt a boy? You should be a adopting a girl because those are the ones that they are murdering." Well, alrighty then. I did not bless her out for telling me that Sam was somehow less worthy of a family as some of you would have expected.

I completely understand the question about how we are getting a boy from China since boys are so valued in their culture. What I do not appreciate is the insinuation that I "need" a daughter.

If you know me, you know that I love being the mom of a boy. I do not feel like I have been short changed by being the mom of a boy. If JR and I felt like we needed a girl, we would have applied to adopt a girl. We did not specify gender and left it up to fate. Little girls are great, but they are for other mothers.

There is no pink in our house, no bows, and no baby dolls. There is lots of bleeding and bruising, nerf guns, six shooters, dump trucks, garbage trucks, backhoes, bulldozers, trains, bugs, four wheeler jumping and ramping, running, and mud.

I could not be happier, and best of all, I'm the lady in their lives!


  1. I am so excited for you and JR and JH! This is something that I have always dreamed of as well, and hope to adopt a daughter from China one day! I can't wait to meet Sam! God has specifically chosen him to be your son. You guys are going to be the perfect family for Sam and JH will be the best big brother. Praying for things to go smoothly with the process and for Sam to come home very soon! Thank you for keeping us all updated through the blog!

  2. Seriously? maybe i'm just out of it... but that was the first time i ever even thought of the Chinese boy-girl quandry. Pshhh on them. I'm loving hearing about your journey!

  3. Super excited for ya'll! And you could have shared with her that because of the implied one child rule in China the orphanages are full of boys too. Can't wait for you to get your Sam home (that's one of the names at the top of our list too)

  4. Hi Alissa! Thanks for stopping my my blog and giving us some encouraging words! We are so excited and I can't believe it's time to leave!! SOOO happy to hear that your adopting a boy from china...what a blessing! I sure do love my two boys....not sure what we'll do having a little girl around
    :):). Cograts!!