Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dearest Love,

Dearest Love,

You are acting like the satanic love child of Brittany Spears and Charlie Sheen. Nothing pleases you and you are kicking and screaming like a wild bear is atttaking you.

I know that all children your age do not act like this because their parents are procreating again. This leads me to two conclusions 1. one their mothers are not in tears at the thought of the mothering a baby along with thier toddlerr and 2. they are doing what it takes to procreat.

Between your bad attitude, Tropical Storm Lee "acting as a conveyor belt, dragging heavy rain into parts of the Gulf coast" and ruining our vacation that I have waited 50 weeks for, and the return of what I suspect is bronchitis, I am pissy.

Please behave tomorrow.

Much Love, your mother

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